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Yeah, yeah… we know it’s not Motocross but still, we think it’s the nuts! If you’re into BMX (remember that BMX is an abbreviated term for Bicycle Motocross!) and you’re a bit of a purist for style and the real meaning of personal expression then do yourself a favour and check out ‘The Albion’ BMX mag. It’s a great read, with awesome photography and it’s free! You’ll find the Albion in any creditable BMX/Bicycle shop around the UK or you can get the issues through their website which they’ve also recently started blogging on too.

They’ll be some bloody great blogs on there too. Publisher Tim March’s first real love was motocross and he often makes references to his racing days at Ringwood SSC with the likes of Jeremy Whatley and even photographer and assistant editor Steve Bancroft has even been known to have a blast on a MX bike. All great stuff. That of course is our opinion and we’re entitled to it. You may think it’s a load of bollocks, but then you’re also entitled to your opinion and we respect that. That’s the beauty of rockin’ in the free world!

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