Catching up with Swordy…

Tyco Suzuki’s British Motocross Championship title contender Stephen Sword talks about the opening round of this year’s series and taking in the Thruxton British Superbike event.

Well here’s my first Blog for fans of Tyco Suzuki: I know the road racing side of the team has a lot of history, so hopefully between myself and Stuey Edmonds we can raise the profile of Suzuki’s official team in British Championship Motocross also this year.

I got a good couple of weeks training and riding in before the British round at Canada Heights. I was determined to have a good result after a slow start at the first round. To sum the day up: it was a lot better than the Fat Cats race – that’s for sure! I was disappointed not to get the overall at Canada Heights, even though we were joint top points’ scorers, but I suppose I’ll have to be satisfied with second for now.

It was a good boost for the team and not a bad day to do it on, with Phil Dashey from Tyco and a few of his colleagues turning up. It was just what we all needed. If we continue to improve like that then we will be in a good position for the Championship.

It was my little boy’s third birthday a couple of weeks ago. He got spoiled by everyone and was hyper for a week. We had a party for him with about 30 kids there; it was a challenge but lucky for me, Jodie had all angles covered!

I attended the British Superbike round at Thruxton, which is only about 40 minutes from my house after the boys in the team invited me down. It was good to hang out and have a chat to some of the road race lads. I know a few of them as they started in motocross. The racing was good and even better for the team as Josh Brookes took a great win in the second race.

I went down onto the grid for race two and it’s a bit different from motocross to say the least, but cool to see what it’s all about. I was pleased to see Stuart Easton doing well after what he has gone through over the past year. I grew up riding motocross with him and I completed my school work experience at his dad’s garage in Hawick. Fitting car tyres and starter motors didn’t really interested me that much, but the fact that I could take my motocross bike, so Stuart and I could go out practicing after work made it all that bit more appealing.

Let’s hope we have some more podiums and hopefully wins to report next time around for Tyco Suzuki. Who knows I might even talk Philip Neill into giving me a run on one of the team’s GSX-R600s! Maybe even take in a GSX-R Track Day?

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