Catching Up with: Steve Turner

MX Vice: What do you think of Brian Higgins’ resignation?

Steve Turner: I’m glad that he has stepped down from his role of Maxxis British Championship Event Manager, however it’s just a token gesture. He is still Chairman of ACU Events Limited, which is the promoter of the Maxxis British Championship, and in reality he will still be able to have an unhealthy influence on his successor.

So, in your opinion, what else needs to happen?

He has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he puts his own financial aims ahead of the sport itself. He has been an intrinsic part of a system that has allowed ACU Events, of which he is Chairman, award himself, via clubs which he owns, the role of organiser of various rounds of the British Championship in order that he can run those events on a shoestring budget for the sole aim of making profit for his clubs and ultimately himself. It wasn’t bad luck that the meeting was such a disgrace last weekend, it was a direct result of Higgins mis-management. If he has one ounce of decency, which I don’t actually think he possesses, he needs to resign from all his posts at the ACU and bugger off back to Devon and if he won’t resign he needs to be sacked by the respective boards of the ACU, ACU Events, the Motocross Committee and the National Council.

How can the ACU Motocross Committee have let this get so bad? There are many long serving members who make up that committee, so surely they could have prevented things from getting to this stage?

What people don’t understand is that Higgins is also the Chairman of the Motocross Committee and I am reliably informed that he does not allow that committee to table anything that relates to the Maxxis British Championship, because he only allows anything to do with the Maxxis British Championship to be tabled at ACU Events Limited Board Meetings, which in case you’ve forgotten he is, of course, the Chairman of. Are you beginning to get the picture of the amount of control Higgins has been able to wield? You would think that the ACU itself would not allow this unhealthy situation to exist, but don’t forget that the Chairman of the ACU is also Brian Higgins. The Motocross Committee are all people who love the sport and work on a voluntary basis for the good of the sport and they should not be tarnished with the same brush as Higgins. They are the ones who can help to sort things out if they are allowed to do so.

People have been calling for a boycott of the second round at Lyng, but should that really happen?

That is not the answer. The round at Lyng is run by the Norwich Vikings club and is always one of the best organised rounds of the year and the last thing we need right now is to jeopardise their future involvement in the series. We need organisers like them and need to support them. We can trust them to provide the level of medical cover which is required and with Higgins out of the way we need to get behind them and help them make the round a success.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Only that getting rid of Higgins isn’t the be all and end all. The ACU can’t just get rid of him and think everything’s fine and dandy. There needs to be an overhaul of the current structure so that no-one else can follow in his footsteps and repeat what he’s been able to do.

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  1. 05soccer05

    motocrossvice I’m reading your articles I wasn’t there but looks like Steve T is the only person making any comments is there more views?

  2. Pvl Racing

    if everyone sticks together the mr higgins should have no option (but he,ll be sticking like a dead fly to a windowscreen) he,ll need a shove .

  3. Rob Morris

    Here here ! People do need to realise the unhealthy influence Brian Higgins has within the ACU .

  4. Mark Peers

    Adam’s punishment needs sorting out , totally ridiculous how you can punish one and not the other is beyond me .

  5. Andi Deeks

    True words are being spoken, there is a long history of systematic abuse of power, scant regard of the rules, creating jobs for friends and family, with little regard for the future development or success of the sport..

  6. Danny Richards

    He took over the vets des nation’s a few years ago and he’s a money grabbing tool there as well.The acu need to look into what he’s been doing for years because he’s I bet he’s been doing them over for years

  7. Kieran Doherty

    I just hope that everyone still supports the next round at Lyng as they always do a good Job and should not be affected for things that are not there doing.

  8. motocrossvice

    05soccer05 there are Paul but none have come forward like Steve has and open their views in a public domain.

  9. ademx84

    motocrossvice 05soccer05 get LewisPhillips71 to send me some questions….i’ll be more than willing to discuss the paying spectators view

  10. 05soccer05

    motocrossvice real shame that our great sport has come to this lets hope from all the mayhem we can constructively move forward no repeats

  11. 05soccer05

    ademx84 real shame that our great sport has come to this lets hope from all the mayhem we can constructively move forward no repeats

  12. CraigChambers15

    05soccer05 ademx84 here here U0001f44a as a non-rider, but long time spectator, I don’t want feel as worried and disappointed at a race meeting

  13. CraigChambers15

    ademx84 motocrossvice 05soccer05 LewisPhillips71 just make sure you use the word “farcical”. Mel could’ve walked to New Cross quicker

  14. Pitteraw211

    Can someone raise a petition for vote of no confidence to remove him from ACU completely ?

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