BREAKING: New British Series Coming Soon

When it was announced that the popular British Masters series was no more, most were saddened by the news. However, it also led most to question whether anyone would attempt to fill the void. Well, MX Vice have heard that a new British Motocross series could be on the horizon. Obviously, this is great news for the sport, as there is room for another high-quality professional series in the UK. Although we cannot release all of the details at the moment, it sounds like this all-new series is going to be big, as it will cater to both the younger riders (for 85s up) to the professionals. Seeing as the number of Red Bull Pro National rounds has been shortened for 2014, also, this will be welcome news for all riders. We are hearing that this series could be backed by a well-known, mainstream sponsor, as well. We have also heard that there will be a healthy prize fund. But, the most important news is that this will be run by people from the industry, so they know what riders and fans alike want from a series.

We will update this story as it develops. Stay tuned to MX Vice for all of the latest news.

Image courtesy of Kev Reid

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