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What’s up guys I hope you have all been enjoying this lovely weather as much as I have hmmmmmm what is up with this country at the minute its a nightmare I wouldn’t mind if I had a snow mobil or a big hill to sledge down but i haven’t so I’m over it i really cant wait till the summer comes along. Talking of summer I have had a bit of a taste of it when I was in Qatar and Thailand which was good so I’ll tell you all about it.

So me and Brother Browne embarked on our journey from Bury St Edmunds at 0500 hours on the 26th of February to London Heathrow boarded the big bird and landed in Doha (QATAR) 7 hours later to be greeted by my trainer from back in 2007-08 Matt Wilson as he is living out there now. It was great to catch up with him and talk about our mental training days in the freezing cold, Herefordshire country, side in the snow and rain doing 6 hour bikes rides WTF is that all about 6 hour bike rides, I hated them I can tell you that much. Qatar was a pretty cool place if any of you have been over to Dubai its just like that but about 6-7 years behind and everywhere you look there are cranes building new stuff its mad and the drivers jeez they need there horns removed from there cars they love a horn, If you have waited 1 second to long at the lights there on the horn you need to be like bloody Sebastian Vettel off the line to keep them happy.

Mixed Night Race

The night race was a cool experience even if it was a dark one the track in qatar was pretty cool i enjoyed it the jumps where a little
to big for a 250 and you had to hit them all pinned with a big old seat bounce to even nearly make them and some of the corners
where hard to see as where not enough light in places but on a whole it was pretty good and i think for next year it will be sorted and a lot better.
I didn’t have such a bad weekend I finished 12th overall which wasn’t such a bad start and my speed felt pretty good in the races
I got up to 7th in the super final in mx2 until I got the most savage blister ever and could not hold on which meant I dropped back but I knew where my speed was so that was the main thing. Racing the 450s was pretty crazy not for 1 second was there time
to rest you where always in a battle with some one and people where just taking each other out for fun im not sure if it really
worked or not but i think if you where there watching it would have been a pretty cool race to see.


I friggin love that place i knew i probably would as my sister and girlfriend don’t stop going on about it and i can tell why its
such a beautiful crazy chilled and messed up place its got it all. Bangkok was an eye opening experience we landed there at
about 9 pm when straight to our hotel which was off the chart it was unreal and so cheap i think it was £75 with breakfast
for one of the sickest rooms I’ve ever stayed at in my life but we didn’t stay there for long as we where soon off and sight
seeing, Chelsea really wanted to show me it a place called Kosan road so we jumped on a tuk tuk and smoked over

Kosan road for those that don’t know is like the backpackers retreat full of your typical hippy travellers and the normal ones that haven’t been converted yet and its just a crazy party atmosphere, I was having a foot and shoulder massage at 1am in the morning with about another 30-40 people all doing the same just taking it all in it was awesome. After Bangkok we traveled down to Pattaya that wasn’t even without its drama out taxi driver nailed some woman on a ped and we watched her slide down the side of the van and he looked in his rear view mirror laughed and carried on, the old boy wasn’t laughing for long though as we got stopped by the police shortly after and he was taken off and we had to change cars it was a nightmare so after we eventually got to our hotel had a shower
and got changed we decided to go check out what Pattaya had to offer us we found the most famous street there called walking street wow now that is different Pattaya is the capital of the world for lady boys and there was a few hanging about haha.. every other
shop is a Go Go bar and the place is packed you can hardly move.
I know I’ve been talking about my time in thailand more than racing well its because I haven’t really got much to say about the racing there other than the track was cool it had big jumps I liked it but i didn’t finish a single race.. we had nothing but bike troubles in Thailand which hopefully are all sorted now which resulted in a DNF in every race out there which was a massive disappointment for
everyone involved after going all that way but its a long season and as long as we have no more we will be fine.
I hope you have all enjoyed reading this and in next months ill be talking about Fat cats,
the Dutch Gp and probably more random crap so till next time keep safe and always wear protection oh and look out for my video from qatar and Thailand which should be dropping later this week also

Cheers everyone


MX Vice Editor || 25

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