Bad luck dogs Tombs at Hawkstone

With a double bill of racing scheduled, John Banks Honda-supported rider Lewis Tombs made his way back to Hawkstone Park for the sixth round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals championship this past weekend. Qualifying in eighth was arguably the highlight of the day, primarily due to bad luck dogging the Suffolk rider later in the races.

For Tombs, the first race didn’t get off to a good start. In the back of the pack after getting crowded out in the sweeping start corner, Tombs soon found himself battling for positions in a mixed field of MX1 and MX2 riders, eventually settling into a rhythm in ninth behind fellow Honda-mounted rider Jordan Booker, slowly closing the gap, but not enough to be able to make a pass.

In the second race, the start went off much better; this time Tombs slotted himself in behind Stuart Edmonds, keeping veteran Gordon Crockard at bay in the process. Disaster struck with only two laps to go. The bike simply stopped dead with Tombs in seventh, necessitating a push back to the paddock and losing hard-earned points. The end result was a very disappointing thirteenth place on the day.

Commented Tombs: “In qualifying I was eighth, I just didn’t get a good lap in. The track was good and I was enjoying it, just didn’t get the result I wanted. As a result I had a bad gate pick, a bad start in the first race and rode like a wally. I eventually came through and stuck with Booker for the whole race, and ended up eighth. For the second race I had a bit of a better start and was riding a lot better, got through to eighth, got Booker about halfway through and was catching up toward Stuart Edmonds, when with two laps to go the bike just cut out and I didn’t finish.”

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