The Aussie Experience: Alex Snow

Alex Snow is taking advantage of a gap in his schedule, and will be completing a race in Australia in the coming weeks. Obviously, this is an interesting story, so we thought that it would be great to follow his journey by getting him to send blogs frequently. Here is the first, where he talks about his journey, and his plans whilst he is out there.

So, my first blog of my Aussie experience!! I’m writing this from 39,000ft in the air, en route to my first stop at Singapore. I’m bored out of my brain, and sat next to two young kids – one of them won’t stop staring at me. I am sure I did not stare that much as a kid! One thing I have learnt in the last eight hours is that if you fly with an Asian airline, expect rubbish TV shows and films!

Once I stop at Singapore, I have three hours to kill before boarding my second seven-hour flight to Melbourne. From there, I’m hoping my luggage that is full of kit and bike parts clears security okay. I will then meet my mate Ben, who is looking after me for the next two weeks, lucky him! Without this man, my wish to do a race in Australia would never have happened, so I can’t thank him enough. He’s sorted me a bike, a place to stay, a place to go ride, transport to the race and he is even turning the t-bars for me for the next week or so. This will be privateer racing at it’s best! It’s going to be a fun little road trip too!

The next twenty-four hours are not going to be overly interesting. It will mostly consist of traveling, eating rubbish and trying to find WiFi at every possible chance. But, once I have arrived at Ben’s, I should have some more cool stuff to blog.

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