Ask MX Vice: Volume Three

After attending nineteen events on different continents thus far this year, we have acquired answers to a lot of questions that you may have. That’s why we thought that we would open things up with this new feature! If you have something on your mind and want to be featured here, email [email protected] or get in contact via our various social media channels. Apologies if you sent in a question earlier this week and are not featured here, we had more than twenty-five legitimate questions. We’ll place you in volume four next week.

“Don’t know if it is too late or if you could fit it in the next mailbag, but I’m interested in Graeme Irwin’s potential for an MXGP spot?” asked @DabOnEmFolk on Twitter. “Tell us where Graeme is going there for the craic,” asked @GYM5555 on Twitter also.

An official announcement will not surface until October or November, as that is just the way that these things go, so we won’t really know until then. The hot rumour in the MXGP paddock is that Graeme Irwin has already secured a deal that’ll allow him to race every round of the FIM Motocross World Championship and the Maxxis British Championship next year. Who with? That remains to be seen. This rumour could turn out to be false, of course, but that’s the word currently. – @_LewisPhillips

“Dean Wilson, is he staying with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing? What about Justin Barcia? Surely overhyped. Trey Canard, is he sick of getting hurt,” asked Damon Hurst on Facebook.

That is a stacked question! Dean Wilson signed an extension with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing that will allow him to stay with the team for an additional season, which has undoubtedly relieved him of some stress. The new contract will expire at the end of next year. Jason Anderson, his teammate, will also be a free agent at the end of next year, so that will be a busy period for Bobby Hewitt.

Justin Barcia is shopping around for a new ride and the common consensus is that he will not return to JGR. Our American correspondent, Steve Matthes, has reported that he is in talks with Red Bull KTM to sit alongside Marvin Musquin next year. There has been no word on what Trey Canard will do, but then is that really a surprise? ‘41’ must first record some results. – @_LewisPhillips


Dean Wilson has already signed a deal with his current team for next year.

Husqvarna/Simon Cudby

“Is Chad Reed out? No ride and a crappy attitude points to retirement. Running his mouth in Glendale was not a smart move,” asked Jason Nolan on Facebook.

Chad Reed is not out. There is always a chance that he could retire, but that would only happen if he does not get a contract for next year. That, in my opinion, will not happen though, because there are many options that he could explore. Reed is linked to a KTM seat, a spot at JGR and also the same Yamaha team that he raced for this year. One of those teams will undoubtedly have a spot for him. – @_LewisPhillips

“What about Iker Larranaga Olano? I reckon he will be in the top eight next year in every race,” said @TheMakx on Twitter. 

Iker Larranaga Olano has cracked the top ten in just a single moto this year, so smashing that goal must be the priority. The fact that Jeremy Seewer, Benoit Paturel and Julien Lieber will be vacating the division at the end of the season will only help him though. ‘66’ has been eleventh in the last three motos, but if you remove those three guys that bumps him up to eighth! There is no reason to think that he won’t be able to do that consistently next year. – @_LewisPhillips

“Out of the current British riders, who do you think is showing the most potential? Do you still agree with Conrad Mewse?” asked @L3V3R3TT on Twitter.

Perhaps this does not count, but is Max Anstie an option? The jump to the 450F can often make or break careers, but he has taken it in his stride and undoubtedly surprised pundits. Did anyone really think that he would reach the podium at his ninth event? It is going to be exciting to watch him progress in the coming months and see if this turns into a title run in the next five or six years.

Ben Watson is dominating conversations after that ride at the Grand Prix of Portugal. If ‘919’ acquires a well-supported ride next year, then we will really get to see what he is capable of. One would presume that he could potentially battle for podiums, based on his recent rides, but then Conrad Mewse is capable of that too. Most forget that he actually finished in the top three in the second moto at Kegums earlier this year.


Conrad Mewse may be the British rider with the most potential.

Husqvarna/J.P Acevedo

If one of those two has to be picked, then Ben Watson may be the one with the most potential. Why? It is unknown what he could achieve with factory machinery. That is certainly an exciting prospect. Adam Sterry must also be featured in this conversation, as he was beginning to improve before that injury at Valkenswaard. Sterry will be back with Monster Energy KRT MX2 next season. – @_LewisPhillips

“Where do you see MXGP in five years? More tracks like Assen and Imola?” asked @PhilMalins on Twitter. 

There were a lot of conversations like this in 2013, as the Losail International Circuit had just made its debut on the FIM Motocross World Championship calendar and venues like the Lausitzring were about to do the same. Nostalgic fans were in uproar at that time. There were no road-race facilities on the calendar the year before that, so everyone immediately presumed that the series was heading in that direction.

Now, here we are, five years on and nothing has really changed. There are still two road-race venues on the schedule and that’ll stay the same next year, so why would things drastically change in the years to come? Youthstream clearly value the foundation that the sport was built on, otherwise venues such as Maggiora and Loket would not be featured. I think that, at most, there would be four road-race facilities on the calendar in one season, which is reasonable. – @_LewisPhillips

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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