All Injuries: MXGP of Switzerland

For the first time this season, there are no riders returning from injury this weekend. The fifteen guys who are currently injured are either turning their focus to next year or desperately trying to make it back on track before the end of the current campaign. There are updates on all of those riders below. Think someone is missing? Email [email protected] for more information.

Out of the Grand Prix of Switzerland

Adam Sterry: Adam Sterry announced this evening that he will not be racing round sixteen of the FIM Motocross World Championship, despite the fact that he is actually in Switzerland. Sterry re-injured his ankle this week and, seeing as it is so fresh, it will stop him from tackling Frauenfeld-Gachnang. There is currently no timeline on his recovery, but he will obviously race again this season.

Conrad Mewse: Conrad Mewse skipped the Grand Prix of Czechia with a sore knee, but then raced again at the fifteenth round of the current term. Unfortunately, one week on from his return, he crashed at a domestic event and sustained a hand injury. Details are rather sparse currently, but it seems as though he will miss the next three rounds of the FIM Motocross World Championship and then return at the penultimate round in The Netherlands.


Conrad Mewse is expected to miss the next three rounds of the series.

KTM Images/Ray Archer

Davy Pootjes: Although Davy Pootjes did not break anything when he crashed at the Grand Prix of Asia, he was left battered and bruised. That has lingered in recent weeks and stopped him from competing at the following two rounds, although he gave it a good go, and now he has withdrawn from the Swiss Grand Prix. Pootjes will be back at Assen, when his shoulder blade is at one hundred percent.

Brian Hsu: Brian Hsu is really having a rough go. Hsu was set to return at the Czech Grand Prix, after sustaining an injury in March, but dislocated his shoulder again at a domestic race and will now miss the remainder of the season. It is unknown what his future holds, as he has had no noteworthy results for a handful of years now. This new injury could not have come at a worse time for the Bud Racing rider.

Max Nagl: Max Nagl sustained a finger injury before the Czech Grand Prix. The Grand Prix of Switzerland was immediately pointed to as the point where he would make his return, but it seems as though he is not quite ready. Samuele Bernardini is riding a Yamaha now, so there is no TM Factory Racing awning in the paddock. It remains to be seen if Nagl will return to action in Bulgaria or Turkey.

Arminas Jasikonis: Arminas Jasikonis has struggled since he hit the dirt at the French Grand Prix last month, hence why he left Indonesia earlier than planned and then skipped Loket and Lommel. Jasikonis is going to miss the rest of the season now, but the announcement has weirdly not been made yet. There was someone in his camp who confirmed that is the plan though. Expect to see him in new colours next year.


Arminas Jasikonis may have raced an Assomotor Honda for the last time.

Honda Pro Racing

Brian Bogers: Brian Bogers has officially started his rehabilitation programme. A cast was removed in the middle of July, so the focus is now on regaining range of motion and muscle. Another check up with the doctor is scheduled in six weeks or so and then it will become clear when he will be able to ride again. It sounds as though there is a chance that he may race at some point this year, which would be surprising.

Iker Larranaga Olano: Iker Larranaga Olano is on the road to recovery now, although he will still be sidelined for quite some time. Larranaga got discharged from a German hospital two weeks after he arrived, as he had a pair of dislocated shoulders, but there is still no specific timeline on his recovery. There appears to be no doubt in his mind that he will come back stronger, but he will have to wait for next year.

Jorge Zaragoza: Jorge Zaragoza is dealing with two torn meniscus, a torn ACL and then a fractured tibia and femur. The severity of the injury was not determined until May and he then had to wait a month for the fractures to heal before he could undergo surgery. Zaragoza has done that now, but still faces a very long road to recovery. The days of Zaragoza being pegged as the next big thing seem like a distant memory.

Darian Sanayei: Darian Sanayei was always going to bow out of the season early, but did so earlier than planned. The torn ACL that he said sustained in April did not hold up well at all whilst riding, hence why he is now recovering from surgery in the United States and focussing on his final term in MX2. Sanayei confirmed his plans for next year before the previous round, by the way, as he signed an extension with Steve Dixon.


Darian Sanayei will be beneath the Bike It DRT Kawasaki tent next year.

Monster Energy Media/Ray Archer

David Herbreteau: David Herbreteau had to end his season prematurely following his home Grand Prix, as he dislocated his shoulder for the third time and had to undergo surgery. Herbreteau will focus on next year when he does eventually return to riding, but it has not yet been determined who he will ride for. The VHR KTM team have informed him that he will not have a ride next year. The Frenchman had a season-best finish of fourteenth in a moto at the Portuguese event in April.

Jed Beaton: Jed Beaton was edging towards the front of the field before he had a horrific crash at Matterley Basin in May, which left him with a broken leg and ankle. Beaton is not going to return at all this year, which is not much of a shock, so his attention will turn to next year and what will be an intriguing campaign. Beaton had a single podium finish before his season-ending injury, but was still hot property within the paddock.

Alvin Ostlund: Alvin Ostlund was one of the many riders who got caught out by the waves at the Grand Prix of Latvia. The crash that he had left him with a broken ankle that is obviously close to one hundred percent now, seeing as it has been three months since the incident. Ostlund actually jumped back on a bike for the first time on the first of this month. It is currently unknown whether he will attempt to race before the end of the season.

Vsevolod Brylyakov: Vsevolod Brylyakov has had such a rough time of it in recent years and, unfortunately, suffered another blow at the Grand Prix of Russia at the beginning of May. A torn ACL was sustained in moto two and forced him onto the sidelines for a significant period. It is unlikely that he will return at all this year, but Team Russia are hoping he will make the MXoN. That is questionable at this stage.

Arnaud Tonus: It has been a difficult year for Arnaud Tonus, who has dealt with a handful of knocks and injuries. Tonus is still recovering from the dislocated shoulder that was sustained in France in February, almost unbelievably, but is now back on a bike. It is likely that Tonus will return to racing before the end of his season, as the Motocross of Nations is his goal. Team Switzerland have selected him.

Milko Potisek: Milko Potisek fractured his ankle in two places, after tangling with another rider in March, and initially set his sights on the Grand Prix of Belgium as the race that he would like to return at. Potisek has not even started riding yet though and has confirmed exclusively to MX Vice that he will now return at either Assen or Imola in September. It has been a disastrous year for him.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

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