A Quick Chat With: Lewis Tombs

It was a tough weekend for JAR by IFS Honda rider Lewis Tombs at the British GP but it proved to be a rewarding one.  The underrated Englishman raced hard against the GP regulars and scored two valuable points in the final MX2 moto.

It was points that Tombs deserved after a very good season aboard his 250f Honda. His British championship form and Red Bull Nationals performances have stepped up again from last season and at the Maxxis at Desertmartin he should have been in the top five.

Tombs is somewhat of a quiet achiever this year so we thought we would grab a word with the Kevin Strijbos look-a-like after the GP to get his take on his year so far and the GP scene.

A difficult start to the day but you ended up with two points and good ride in the second race. How do you sum up your weekend?

Yeah it was a good experience. It’s not every year you get to ride your home GP so it was really good. I qualified in 23rd on Saturday and I rode pretty good but the first race it was pretty muddy and I crashed on the first lap. I had to work hard to get to where I did and I think I got 23rd again.

In the second one I had a really good start and I think I was 14th or 15th through the first split and then just made a stupid mistake again and went down. So that was me at the back of the pack again, but I worked hard and kept plugging away, I got a bit lucky when a couple of people pulled out and managed to pass Desprey on the second last lap and got nineteenth. I was happy enough and it was a good experience.

A lot of people say the MX2 is weak but you have raced it, you are in the best place to answer the question, what are your thoughts on that?

I think anyone who says that should get a bike and race it themselves! It is definitely competitive and all the guys are going seriously fast. Even the guy in last place he is still going fast. You can see that in the top ten because everyone is going the same speed from start to finish – it is quite something to watch. But you only really see it when you’re riding.

The riders are all so close it is like a train from say 5th to 12th, there is no rest.

No and if you make one small mistake you can drop miles back, it is quite something to see it, they are going seriously fast.

Looking at your season overall it has been going well, are you pleased with it?

Yeah it has been ok, it has been pretty steady and I have tried to be as consistent as possible. Now towards the end I really want to push on and try and get a podium in the Red Bull and try and get a few better results.

Interview by Jonathan McCready

Picture by Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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