10 Questions: Corey Hockey

Corey Hockey is a 18-year-old from Bath in the UK. Corey has just switched from a Husqvarna 125 to a 350 KTM. He has been so fast this year, winning the 125 class at the Pirelli British Masters. Also getting 5th in the Judd Racing Premier Cup in the 125 class too.

How old was you when you started riding?

I started riding at 5 but then gave up after the first year. Then got back into it at the age of 14.

What was your first bike?

My first bike was a Lem 50cc.

What’s your favourite track?

My favourite track is Dunkirk, Loon-plage!

Have you had any nasty injuries?

Broken a few bones, but nothing major to keep me off the bike for a long time!

What championships are you competing in?

I competed in the Pirelli Masters 125cc Championship which I won this year! I also competed in the Judd cup which I got 5th, unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the last round.

Who helps you out? (Sponsors, parents etc)

I’d like to thank Cabscreens Luigong Husqvarna for supporting me this year! Keith Parker at Akorn Construction for being a great help all these years. Also Cheddar MX Store for everything.

What’s been your biggest racing achievement?

Biggest achievement has to be winning the Pirelli 125cc championship this year!

Do you have any pre race rituals / superstitions?

No, I don’t have pre race rituals…

Who’s your favourite rider? Old or new

Favourite rider has to be the one and only Bob Dando!

What would you do with a million pounds?

With a million pounds I would buy loads of land and get a sand track to ride on!

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