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MXGP World Championship

Entry List and Schedule: French Elite Round 1 – Lacapelle Marival

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Check out the entry list and schedule for the French Elite opener at Lacapelle Marival.


1 Valentin GUILLOD
20 Gregory ARANDA
24 Kevin HORGMO
72 Lucas IMBERT
91 Jeremy SEEWER
93 Jago GEERTS
109 Antoine BORDRON
131 Adrien MALAVAL
141 Maxime DESPREY
183 Tim EDBERG
193 Tanguy PROST
576 Dorian MARTINEZ
725 Antonin MILLE
752 Julien PELLETIER
783 Enzo TORIANI
831 Brice MAYLIN
959 Maxime RENAUX
971 Tino BASSO


8 Camden MC LELLAN
14 Arnaud AUBIN
19 Sacha COENEN
31 Tom GUYON
41 Nicolas DUHAMEL
47 Karlis REISULIS
55 Mathis BARTHEZ
74 Kay DE WOLF
95 Enzo CASAT
111 Mikkel HAARUP
132 Andrea BONACORSI
172 Mathys BOISRAME
198 Thibault BENISTANT
214 Nicolas VENNEKENS
226 Arthur STEFFEN
240 Johan BRIAND
268 Thibault MAUPIN
287 Lisandru TORRE
317 Mathis VALIN
319 Quentin Marc PRUGNIERES
324 Maxime CHARLIER
389 Jules PIETRE
411 Nicolas DERCOURT
425 Emile DE BAERE
430 Ivano VAN ERP
446 Adrien PETIT
451 Julius MIKULA
589 Kiliann POLL
598 Ethan LEPIGEON
640 Jules ALMAYRAC
642 Jules AMMER
708 Kivers LEFEBVRE
712 Pierrick CASTAN
720 Ilann WERLE
747 Maximin MILLE
772 Janis Martins REISULIS
790 Victor MAURESA
798 Arnaud COLSON
816 Tennessee CARRIE
867 Rasmus MOEN
895 Francois RIGOLLOT
925 Mathis DECLEMY
960 Lucas COENEN
978 Enzo ROZE

Sunday Schedule

7.45 MX2 Group A Free Practice

8.05 MX2 Group B Free Practice

8.25 MXGP Group A Free Practice

8.45 MXGP Group B Free Practice

9.14 MX2 Group A Timed Practice

9.44 MX2 Group B Timed Practice

10.14 MXGP Group A Timed Practice

10.44 MXGP Group B Timed Practice

13.40 MX2 Moto One

14.30 MXGP Moto One

16.15 MX2 Moto Two

17.05 MXGP Moto Two

Lead Image: Nestaan Husqvarna/Bavo Swijgers

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MXGP World Championship

MXGP of Trentino – Drone action




Nowadays, a drone is flying above the riders during the MXGP races. Below you can see some great action footage that was taken during the MXGP of Trentino!

Photo credits – Fullspectrum Media

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MXGP World Championship

Consistent points for Chambers in Trentino




Jack Chambers

Qualifying  17th

Race 1 14th

Race 2 14th

Overall 14th

Championship Standings: 14th

Bobby Bruce

Qualifying  18th

Race 1 31st

Race 2 DNS


Championship Standings: 24th

It was a mixed weekend for the American Jack Chambers, as he once again showed his consistency in race one continuing to make passes until the last lap, finishing in 14th after starting in 18th. Race two would see the Bike It Kawasaki rider achieve his best start so far in 4th, but a lack of experience this year at the front of the pack saw the “12” lose some positions throughout the race, once again finishing in 14th. Unfortunately teammate Bobby Bruce, still recovering from a wrist injury sustained in Sardinia last week was unable to finish the first race and wasn’t able to participate in race two. With some time off before the next race in 3 weeks, Bobby should have some time to heal up.

In EMX250 all fingers were crossed when Billy Askew had a big crash in practice, and luckily nothing was broken but the medical team did not permit the young brit to carry on for Sunday’s racing. Billy showed improved speed and felt more comfortable racing abroad before the crash. He will join the other two in three weeks for the MXGP of Portugal.

After a good week’s training in Italy, and an awning full of sponsors the prep couldn’t have gone better. Unfortunately, this is racing and the results didn’t reflect our efforts going into the weekend. Having said that, this year MX2 is an exceptionally tough class and whilst we had a 14th from the back and a 14th coming from the front, we just need to work on a few details with Jack to bring his training speed and winter speed to the races. I’ve worked with a lot of racers and I know the next step is not far away.

Equally, with Bobby trying to ride with an injured wrist from Sardinia, he’s shown enough speed and character to know that we are on the right course – but to complete a race at this level you need to be 100%, so the few week break before Portugal is perfect. Billy had a huge crash at speed, but it didn’t deter him from wanting to line up for the races. Because the crash was quite big, the medical crew wouldn’t allow him to continue for the weekend, which I know is the correct choice from a Medical POV. We’re looking forward to our next race which is the first round of the British Championship at Lyng, which is the home circuit of our Sponsor Stebbings, who are located nearby in Kings Lynn.

Despite the results on paper from Italy, all the sponsors enjoyed a great weekend and were first-hand to see all the effort that goes into the weekend, right there with the team throughout the weekend, which can be an eye-opener compared to reading a race report that can’t replicate the real ups and downs of the racing experience.

Photocredit Ray Archer

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MXGP World Championship

Federico Tuani comes close to scoring points in Trentino Europe




Federico Tuani of the AIT Racing team came close to score points in the fourth round of the MX2 World Championship in Arco di Trento. Tuani finished twenty-first in the first moto and rode inside the top fifteen for a long time in the second moto until his chain broke and he was forced to retire.

Tuani did not get off to a good start in the first heat, but the riding went well and he also managed to set good lap times. In the end he fell just short of scoring a point and finished twenty-first.

After a good start in the second heat, he was riding in thirteenth position in the beginning. He managed to stay in the top fifteen until the middle of the race, but then fatigue started to set in. Tuani persevered but eventually had to leave the race due to a broken chain.

In qualifying for the EMX250 class, Xavier Cazal was unable to find his rhythm. He tried several times to put a fast lap together but despite his efforts he could not get further than a twenty-first time. This meant that he was a reserve for the heats. Unfortunately he was not allowed to participate in the first heat, but this was the case in the second heat. Cazal managed to cross the finish line in twenty-sixth place in the second moto.

There was also a large turnout in the EMX125 class. Venicslav Toshev managed to set a twenty-seventh time in his group, which was not enough for qualification. Despite this disappointment, Toshev stays positive and he will again strive to achieve a good result in Markelo this Sunday.

This Sunday, several riders from the AIT Racing team will compete in the final of the Dutch Masters of Motocross in Markelo.

Photocredits – Fullspectrum Media

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