EMX Wrap: MXGP of Trentino

Fans on the side of the track at the Grand Prix of Trentino are being treated to some exquisite support racing, as the EMX125 and WMX classes are in action. There are more than one hundred and thirty riders in those groups, in total, so there will certainly be no dull moments. All of the results from those sessions will be added to this page.

WMX Championship Standings

WMX Overall Classification

WMX Moto Two (11:30)

EMX125 Championship Standings

EMX125 Overall Classification

EMX125 Moto Two (09:45)

EMX125 Moto One (17:55)

WMX Moto One (15:25)

WMX Qualifying (10:30)

EMX125 Qualifying Group Two (09:45)

EMX125 Qualifying Group One (09:00)

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