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EMX Results: MXGP of Latvia

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It is truly surreal to say, but racing has begun at the Grand Prix of Latvia! It is a little different to what would be considered normal, as the EMX250 and EMX Open riders are the only guys who will take to the circuit today (Saturday). There is absolutely no doubt that fans across will want to keep up with that action, and this is the place to do that. All of the EMX results will be added onto this page immediately following each session. Simply save the link and check back regularly. It is as easy as that!

If you are not too familiar with EMX250, then what should you watch out for in these results? Kay de Wolf is a Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing prodigy, who is already aiming to prove that he deserves a shot in MX2 in 2021. The same goes for official Yamaha riders like Gianluca Facchetti and Thibault Benistant. There is a new addition to the class too, Lorenzo Locurcio, who is Mitchell Harrison’s replacement at BUD Racing Kawasaki. It is actually Bastian Boegh Damm who is leading the championship though, as he swept both motos at round one in March. The class is stacked!

EMX250 Championship Standings

EMX Open Championship Standings

EMX250 Overall Classification

EMX Open Overall Classification

EMX250 Moto Two (16:10)

EMX Open Moto Two (15:10)

EMX250 Moto One (13:15)

EMX Open Moto One (12:15)

EMX250 Group Two Time Practice (11:45)

EMX250 Group One Time Practice (11:10)

EMX Open Time Practice (10:35)

EMX250 Group Two Free Practice (10:00)

EMX250 Group One Free Practice (09:30)

EMX Open Free Practice (09:00)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Bavo Swijgers


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