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EMX Report: MXGP of Portugal

Portuguese fans have countless reasons to be ecstatic this weekend. The Grand Prix contingent have marched onto their doorstep for the first time in a while and there are no less than three EMX classes to keep them entertained! Support classes can typically be uninteresting, but that certainly will not be the case at the MXGP of Portugal.

EMX125 Time Practice

Brian Strubhart-Moreau lost fourteen points to Mikkel Haarup at the previous fixture, the Grand Prix of Lombardia, but silenced any doubters in the EMX125 qualifying session that was ran earlier today. ‘225’ romped to pole position with authority, as he had a time that was seven tenths quicker than Gianluca Facchetti in second. Where was Haarup? Fourth, but just under a tenth down on Facchetti.

Seeing as not as many riders have travelled to Agueda, there was just a single timed session. That means that all of the riders in attendance have qualified and consequently guys like Jack Bintcliffe, who qualified for the first time at Ottobiano, get another shot at securing some points in the competitive division. Click the link below for full results.

1st Brian Strubhart-Moreau (1:51.105), 2nd Gianluca Facchetti (1:51.873), 3rd Isak Gifting (1:51.883), 4th Mikkel Haarup (1:51.945), 5th Kevin Horgmo (1:52.004), 6th Emilio Scuteri (1:53.210), 7th Rene Hofer (1:53.287), 8th Raivo Dankers (1:53.439), 9th Sergi Notario (1:53.605), 10th Andrea Zanotti (1:53.766)

EMX150 Time Practice

The Honda 150 European Championship allows young riders to enter the FIM Motocross World Championship for the first time and, consequently, they start the season as unknown quantities. Andrea Adamo has already made his presence known though, as he continued his perfect run in the class by securing pole position earlier today. The fact that Toa Kishi was so competition was a surprise to most, as he secured just twenty points at the first fixture.

1st Andrea Adamo (2:02.416), 2nd Toa Kishi (2:02.442), 3rd Luis Outerio (2:02.624), 4th Nikolay Malinov (2:03.443), 5th Anton Nordstrom Graaf (2:04.703), 6th Kjeld Stuurman (2:04.829), 7th Rasmus Moen (2:05.214), 8th Frederico Rocha (2:07.302), 9th Magnus Vassgaard (2:07.403), 10th Lynn Valk (2:08.208)


Tristan Charboneau has become more of a factor recently.

Sean Ogden

EMX250 Time Practice

It has been stated that Agueda resembles an American track. The times from the EMX250 qualifying session support that, as Tristan Charboneau romped to pole position. Some different names actually appeared towards the front of the class, as riders like Mathys Boisrame and Simone Furlotti were buried outside of the top five. Morgan Lesiardo, the current series leader, was down in eleventh and Jago Geerts was eighteenth! Just two seconds separated first from the rider in twentieth, which sums up just how competitive this class is.

1st Tristan Charboneau (1:48.756), 2nd Ruben Fernandez (1:49.157), 3rd Nicholas Lapucci (1:49.247), 4th Roan Van De Moosdijk, 5th Pierre Goupillon (1:49.453), 6th Mathys Boisrame (1:49.476), 7th Marshal Weltin (1:49.761), 8th Simone Furlotti (1:49.899), 9th Mike Stender (1:49.967), 10th Alberto Forato (1:50.207)

EMX150 Moto One

An unknown quantity, Kjeld Stuurman, claimed the holeshot in the first EMX150 encounter, but his time at the head of the field was short-lived. Andrea Adamo pushed past the Dutchman after half a lap and then refused to look back. Even a brief bobble, which cost him the lead for two turns, could not stop him from continuing his streak of victories. Anton Nordstrom Graaf was second, but dealt with heat from Luis Outeiro for all of the eleven laps. Outeiro was right with the leaders from lap one and even logged some of the fastest laps of the race. The Portuguese star, who must be dealing with some pressure this weekend, just couldn’t make anything happen though.

1st Andrea Adamo, 2nd Anton Nordstrom Graaf, 3rd Luis Outeiro, 4th Kjeld Stuurman, 5th Rasmus Moen, 6th Nikolay Malinov, 7th Toa Kishi, 8th Lynn Valk, 9th Ryan Mawhinney, 10th Ruben Ferreira

EMX125 Moto One

Brian Strubhart-Moreau desperately tried to throw the hammer down as soon as he claimed the early lead in the first EMX125 encounter, but a mistake on lap three caused him to lose more points to Mikkel Haarup. Haarup did not take the top spot immediately though, as Kevin Horgmo had a turn at the head of the field, but he was out front by the time that the halfway mark was breached. Fourteen points is the gap between Strubhart-Moreau and Haarup heading into the final Portuguese moto.

1st Mikkel Haarup, 2nd Brian Strubhart-Moreau, 3rd Gianluca Facchetti, 4th Kevin Horgmo, 5th Isak Gifting, 6th Andrea Zanotti, 7th Emilio Scuteri, 8th Paolo Lugana, 9th Tim Edberg, 10th Rene Hofer


The momentum is no longer in Morgan Lesiardo's corner.

Sean Ogden

EMX250 Moto One

Fans and pundits alike expected more from Tristan Charboneau, but he has finally started to deliver in recent weeks. ‘60’ acquired his second moto win of the season after leading from start to finish. There simply is not much else to say! Simone Furlotti stayed close to Charboneau, but the dent that he made in the series standings will mean much more than a single moto win would have. Morgan Lesiardo, the current series leader, limped to a thirteenth, so now only has an advantage of five points over Furlotti. The gap between the two was thirty-six points earlier in the year! Click the link below for full results.

1st Tristan Charboneau, 2nd Simone Furlotti, 3rd Marshal Weltin, 4th Mathys Boisrame, 5th Nicholas Lapucci, 6th Pierre Goupillon, 7th Jago Geerts, 8th Alberto Forato, 9th Ruben Fernandez, 10th Todd Kellett


The overall winner in the Honda 150 European Championship.

Sean Ogden

EMX150 Moto Two

It looked like the final EMX150 encounter was going to be all about Andrea Adamo, yet again, but the Italian had a rear-wheel puncture with just a handful of laps to go. Anton Nordstrom Graaf, who claimed the holeshot but lost the lead immediately, took advantage of that freak issue to claim the first moto win of his career. The Swede also landed on the top step of the overall podium. It is worth noting that he set the fastest time of the race in sector four right on the last lap!

EMX150 Moto Two: 1st Anton Nordstrom Graaf, 2nd Luis Outeiro, 3rd Andrea Adamo, 4th Kjeld Stuurman, 5th Toa Kishi, 6th Lynn Valk, 7th Nikolay Malinov, 8th Magnus Vassgaard, 9th Milan van de Bunte, 10th Rasmus Moen

EMX150 Overall Classification: 1st Anton Nordstrom Graaf (47), 2nd Andrea Adamo (45), 3rd Luis Outeiro (42), 4th Kjeld Stuurman (36), 5th Toa Kishi (30), 6th Nikolay Malinov (29), 7th Lynn Valk (28), 8th Rasmus Moen (27), 9th Magnus Vassgaard (22), 10th Ruben Ferreira (19)

EMX150 Championship Standings: 1st Andrea Adamo (95), 2nd Anton Nordstrom Graaf (87), 3rd Luis Outeiro (86), 4th Kjeld Stuurman (62), 5th Lynn Valk (62), 6th Rasmus Moen (55), 7th Toa Kishi (50), 8th Nikolay Malinov (44), 9th Magnus Vassgaard (37), 10th Ryan Mawhinney (35)

EMX125 Moto Two

Gianluca Facchetti has been on the verge of an overall win for quite some time, but he finally made it happen at the Grand Prix of Portugal. Facchetti started second and then disposed of Brian Strubhart-Moreau, who has been a dominant figure, before stretching out an advantage of five seconds. Mikkel Haarup had to fight his way up into fourth, following a small crash that pushed him back to sixth. Click the links below for full results.

EMX125 Moto Two: 1st Gianluca Facchetti, 2nd Brian Strubhart-Moreau, 3rd Kevin Horgmo, 4th Mikkel Haarup, 5th Rene Hofer, 6th Emilio Scuteri, 7th Raivo Dankers, 8th Sergi Notario, 9th Petr Polak, 10th Yann Crnjanski

EMX125 Overall Classification: 1st Gianluca Facchetti (45), 2nd Brian Strubhart-Moreau (44), 3rd Mikkel Haarup (43), 4th Kevin Horgmo (38), 5th Emilio Scuteri (29), 6th Rene Hofer (27), 7th Andrea Zanotti (22), 8th Tim Edberg (20), 9th Sergi Notario (19), 10th Paolo Lugana (19)

EMX125 Championship Standings: 1st Brian Strubhart-Moreau (208), 2nd Mikkel Haarup (190), 3rd Gianluca Facchetti (189), 4th Kevin Horgmo (172), 5th Rene Hofer (121), 6th Sergi Notario (114), 7th Isak Gifting (101), 8th Paolo Lugana (100), 9th Tim Edberg (75), 10th Emilio Scuteri (75)


Tristan Charboneau recorded a perfect score in Portugal.

Sean Ogden

EMX250 Moto Two

The second EMX250 moto was remarkably similar to the first. Tristan Charboneau led every lap to complete a perfect weekend, but was chased across the line by Simone Furlotti and Marshal Weltin yet again. Furlotti started fourth and charged up to runner-up spot within four laps. What happened to Todd Kellett, I hear you ask? A rock jammed his chain and the damage was too significant for him to continue. Click the links below for full results.

EMX250 Moto Two: 1st Tristan Charboneau, 2nd Simone Furlotti, 3rd Marshal Weltin, 4th Mathys Boisrame, 5th Ruben Fernandez, 6th Alberto Forato, 7th Jago Geerts, 8th Pierre Goupillon, 9th Karlis Sabulis, 10th Adrien Malaval

EMX250 Overall Classification: 1st Tristan Charboneau (50), 2nd Simone Furlotti (44), 3rd Marshal Weltin (40), 4th Mathys Boisrame (36), 5th Ruben Fernandez (28), 6th Alberto Forato (28), 7th Jago Geerts (28), 8th Pierre Goupillon (28), 9th Mike Stender (18), 10th Morgan Lesiardo (17)

EMX250 Championship Standings: 1st Simone Furlotti (235), 2nd Morgan Lesiardo (227), 3rd Alberto Forato (180), 4th Jago Geerts (171), 5th Ruben Fernandez (162), 6th Ken Bengtson (152), 7th Marshal Weltin (143), 8th Miro Sihvonen (126), 9th Mathys Boisrame (124), 10th Tristan Charboneau (114)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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