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EMX Report: GP of Trentino

Support classes are typically uninteresting, to be brutally honest. That is certainly not the case at a round of the FIM Motocross World Championship, however, as the various EMX classes feature some of the brightest talent from around the globe! The EMX250 division will fire into life this weekend, alongside the WMX class, so we’ll use this report to ensure that you are up to date.

EMX250 Group One Qualifying

The first of two EMX250 qualifying sessions was undoubtedly the most stacked, as a majority of the favourites tackled the fresh circuit. It was a surprise quantity, however, who topped the times, as Simone Furlotti romped to a 1:46.044. He was tenth in the MX2 qualifying race here a year ago, so perhaps it is not too shocking? It is most intriguing that Furlotti and Brad Todd, who was the next-fastest rider, recorded their lap times earlier than those who also qualified. Perhaps the track conditions at that point worked in their favour?

EMX250 Group One Qualifying Results: 1st Simone Furlotti (1:46.044), 2nd Brad Todd (1:46.134), 3rd Jens Getteman (1:46.470), 4th Nicola Bertuzzi (1:46.604), 5th Nick Kouwenberg (1:46.614), 6th Ruben Fernandez (1:46.791), 7th Tristan Charboneau (1:47.119), 8th Morgan Lesiardo (1:47.314), 9th Simeo Ubach (1:47.389), 10th Miro Sihvonen (1:47.404).

EMX250 Group Two Qualifying

There were not as many stories in the second and final EMX250 qualifying session. Stephen Rubini, who has dropped down from MX2, and Jago Geerts were the riders who most focussed on. Karlis Sabulis, who had a career-best moto finish of fifth at Teutschenthal last year, topped the times with relative ease. The top eighteen from each session advance directly to the motos, then the rest must partake in the last chance qualifying race at midday.

EMX250 Group Two Qualifying Results: 1st Karlis Sabulis (1:46.200), 2nd Joakin Furbetta (1:46.465), 3rd Glen Meier (1:47.234), 4th Stephen Rubini (1:47.442), 5th Jago Geerts (1:47.529), 6th Luca Nijenhuis (1:47.862), 7th Jere Haavisto (1:48.046), 8th Adrien Malaval (1:48.139), 9th Ken Bengtson (1:48.232), 10th Jed Beaton (1:48.251).

WMX Qualifying

Italian fans rejoice! Kiara Fontanesi, who currently sits fifth in the WMX class, gave her fans something to cheer about in the qualifying session. First she topped free practice by three tenths, then romped to pole position by more than a second. Courtney Duncan, the current series leader, was relatively close, but then there was a significant gap to the rest of the field. Fontanesi set her fastest time on the first lap, when conditions were almost identical to the final EMX250 session. Where would her lap have put her in that session? Thirty-seventh!

WMX Qualifying Results: 1st Kiara Fontanesi (1:52.705), 2nd Courtney Duncan (1:53.767), Nancy van de Ven (1:54.922), 4th Livia Lancelot (1:56.100), 5th Larissa Papenmeier (1:56.740), 6th Stephanie Laier (1:57.011), 7th Britt Van Der Werff (1:59.219), 8th Amandine Verstappen (1:59.230), 9th Emelie Dahl (1:59.589), 10th Nicky Van Wordragen (1:59.597).

EMX250 Last Chance Qualifying Race

The EMX250 LCQ went exactly as planned, as a majority of the riders who were expected to prevail did. Marshal Weltin, racing his first event from beneath the Bud Racing Kawasaki awning, just squeezed into the main programme. Rene De Jong stole the headlines though, as he charged from thirtieth to third in the thirteen-lap race and recorded a lap time that was five-seconds faster than anyone else on the track! The Dutchman crossed the line just five seconds down on Davide Cislaghi, the eventual winner.

EMX250 Last Chance Qualifying Race Results: 1st Davide Cislaghi, 2nd Michael Sandner, 3rd Rene De Jong, 4th Marshal Weltin, 5th Kim Savaste, 6th Edoardo Bersanelli, 7th Henri Giraud, 8th Jan Pancar, 9th Richard Sikyna, 10th Germain Jamet.

WMX Moto One

Courtney Duncan stole the lead from Nancy Van De Ven on the first lap of the opening WMX encounter, so most presumed that the race for the win was over at that point. Duncan threw it away whilst alone out front, however, and was lucky to escape uninjured. Kiara Fontanesi took the lead at that point, much to the delight of the crowd, and rode to a clear victory. Duncan made a couple of passes to salvage a runner-up finish, but was ten seconds down on her title rival at the end.

WMX Moto One Results: 1st Kiara Fontanesi, 2nd Courtney Duncan, 3rd Nancy Van De Ven, 4th Larissa Papenmeier, 5th Livia Lancelot, 6th Amandine Verstappen, 7th Natalie Kane, 8th Stephanie Laier, 9th Nicky van Wordragen, 10th Shana van der Vlist.

EMX250 Moto One

The first of two EMX250 motos was all about Simone Furlotti. The Italian, who romped to the fastest time in qualifying, took the early lead and was unchallenged from that point on. The results that are online are not actually correct, however, as he only won by twenty-two seconds. Karlis Sabulis finished second, following a tussle in the final turn with Alberto Forato. Miro Sihvonen, in fourth, was thirty-one seconds back, rather than two minute and twenty-three seconds back like some of the results indicate. Ken Bengtson was listen as third online, but actually finished eighth.

What else happened? Brad Todd crashed and crossed the line in fifteenth, which was just two spots ahead of Mel Pocock. Pocock crashed twice throughout the race, so should have more to give in the second and final moto. Why is Marshal Weltin not listed on any of the results? The American was disqualified for course cutting.

EMX250 Moto One Results: 1st Simone Furlotti, 2nd Karlis Sabulis, 3rd Alberto Forato, 4th Miro Sihvonen, 5th Morgan Lesiardo, 6th Jens Getteman, 7th Joakin Furbetta, 8th Ken Bengtson, 9th Tristan Charboneau, 10th Nick Kouwenberg.

WMX Moto Two

The WMX riders kicked off proceedings on the final day at the MXGP of Trentino and, unsurprisingly, the way that the race played out was quite similar to the previous day. Nancy Van De Ven took the holeshot again and actually held onto the lead for four laps this time around. Courtney Duncan, who started third, pounced at that point and then begun to throw the hammer down. Another mistake caused her to forfeit the lead though, so she dropped back to fourth and handed the top spot back to Van De Ven.

It seemed the race for the win was over that point, but then she made her own mistake with two to go and let Livia Lancelot slip into first. Lancelot managed to hold onto it, but was not quite in contention for the overall after a mediocre first moto. Kiara Fontanesi stood atop the podium in front of her home fans, after steadily progressing to second in moto two, and was joined on the box by Courtney Duncan (2-3) and Livia Lancelot (5-1).

WMX Moto Two Results: 1st Livia Lancelot, 2nd Kiara Fontanesi, 3rd Courtney Duncan, 4th Nancy Van De Ven, 5th Francesca Nocera, 6th Larissa Papenmeier, 7th Amandine Verstappen, 8th Virginie Germond, 9th Sara Andersen, 10th Joana Miller. 

WMX Overall Classification: 1st Kiara Fontanesi (1-2), 2nd Courtney Duncan (2-3), 3rd Livia Lancelot (5-1), 4th Nancy Van De Ven (3-4), 5th Larissa Papenmeier (4-6), 6th Amandine Verstappen (6-7), 7th Stephanie Laier (8-11), 8th Virginie Germond (13-8), 9th Joanna Miller (12-10), 10th Francesca Nocera (18-5).

WMX Championship Standings: 1st Courtney Duncan (83), 2nd Kiara Fontanesi (77), 3rd Livia Lancelot (67), 4th Nancy Van De Ven (63), 5th Larissa Papenmeier (63), 6th Nicky van Wordragen (59), 7th Amandine Verstappen (56), 8th Shana van der Vlist (50), 9th Francesca Nocera (41), 10th Virginie Germond (40).

EMX250 Moto Two

The EMX250 riders completed their second moto at the convenient time of midday. Morgan Lesiardo controlled proceedings this time around, as he logged some consistent times to lead every lap and eventually cross the line eight seconds up on Miro Sihvonen. Simone Furlotti, the first-moto winner, moved from sixth to third during the sixteen-lap race, but also posted the fastest lap. A first-turn crash claimed Mel Pocock, Brad Todd and Jed Beaton, hence why their results were lacklustre. Tristan Charboneau dropped out with suspected bike issues.

EMX250 Moto Two Results: 1st Morgan Lesiardo, 2nd Miro Sihvonen, 3rd Simone Furlotti, 4th Ruben Fernandez, 5th Karlis Sabulis, 6th Jere Haavisto, 7th Pierre Goupillon, 8th Todd Kellett, 9th Nick Kouwenberg, 10th Michael Sandner.

EMX250 Overall Classification: 1st Simone Furlotti (1-3), 2nd Morgan Lesiardo (5-1), 3rd Miro Sihvonen (4-2), 4th Karlis Sabulis (2-5), 5th Nick Kouwenberg (10-9), 6th Alberto Forato (3-29), 7th Ruben Fernandez (39-4), 8th Filippo Zonta (11-13), 9th Ken Bengtson (8-18), 10th Jere Haavisto (29-6).

EMX250 Championship Standings: 1st Simone Furlotti (45), 2nd Morgan Lesiardo (41), 3rd Miro Sihvonen (40), 4th Karlis Sabulis (38), 5th Nick Kouwenberg (23), 6th Alberto Forato (20), 7th Ruben Fernandez (18), 8th Filippo Zonta (18), 9th Ken Bengtson (16), 10th Jere Haavisto (15).

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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