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EMX Report: GP of Europe

MXGP and MX2 aren’t the only classes taking to the track this weekend, as EMX250, EMX300 and WMX are filling the supporting role. We’ll be updating this page regularly, with reports from their motos.

EMX300 Moto One

The EMX300 riders were the first to tackle the power-sapping sand in anger, as their opening moto took off at midday. Mike Kras, who dominated here one year ago, was undeniably the favourite coming in, so it wasn’t exactly surprising when he took off early on. Yentel Martens, who was cruelly robbed of the two-stroke title last season, was coming though; he hunted down Kras and made a pass stick. The Belgian quickly set about establishing an advantage at the front, but a mistake as he came back onto the start straight cost him a position.

Although he gave it a go, Martens couldn’t make up for the time lost and ultimately had to settle for second. Kras took the win, with Mike Vanderstraeten rounding out the top three. Lewis Gregory held third for a long time, but dropped back to fourth in the closing stages and did more than enough to manage the gap over Antonio Utrilla in fifth. Brad Anderson was a lonely sixth, one minute and seven seconds adrift of the leader.

Moto One Results: 1st Mike Kras, 2nd Yentel Martens, 3rd Mike Vanderstraeten, 4th Lewis Gregory, 5th Antonio Utrilla, 6th Brad Anderson, 7th Josh van der Linden, 8th Joey Smet, 9th Kevin van Geldrop, 10th Dietger Damiaens.

EMX250 Moto One

This one was all about Conrad Mewse from start to finish. Mewse, who admits that he has struggled with starts the past two years, rocketed out the gate and had a couple of bike lengths on his competition entering turn one. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing rider led every lap to win. Hunter Lawrence, an Australian import, was the next to cross the line and looked good, despite his limited experience in Dutch sand. That has to bode well for the future, right? Thomas Kjer Olsen, Even Heibye, Anton Lundgren, Kevin Wouts, Darian Sanayei (who made good progress) and Nick Kouwenberg rounded out the top eight.

Moto One Results: 1st Conrad Mewse, 2nd Hunter Lawrence, 3rd Thomas Kjer Olsen, 4th Even Heibye, 5th Anton Lundgren, 6th Kevin Wouts, 7th Darian Sanayei, 8th Nick Kouwenberg, 9th Nicolas Dercourt, 10th Ken Bengtson.

WMX Moto One

All eyes were on Courtney Duncan entering the first moto of the women’s race, as most were keen to see how the New Zealander would adapt to the sand. The answer to that is pretty well; she took the early lead, despite not taking the holeshot. A nasty crash at the halfway mark cost her a handful of positions, however, so she ended up crossing the line in fourth. Nancy Van De Ven took advantage of the fall and eventually won by sixteen seconds over Kiara Fontanesi. Livia Lancelot finished third.

Moto One Results: 1st Nancy Van De Ven, 2nd Kiara Fontanesi, 3rd Livia Lancelot, 4th Courtney Duncan, 5th Amandine Verstappen, 6th Britt Van Der Werff, 7th Stephanie Laier, 8th Shana Van Der Vlist, 9th Larissa Papenmeier, 10th Frida Ostlund.

EMX300 Moto Two

The second and final EMX300 moto was the first race on Monday and took place under cloudy skies, but fortunately they just about managed to avoid the rain. Yentel Martens was much more refined in this one, as he shot out to the early lead and was almost faultless whilst on his way to the win. Mike Kras crashed very early on and came all the way back to sixth, which was just enough for third overall. Lewis Gregory was second in this one, twenty-eight seconds adrift, and also occupied the same spot in the overall classification. Patrick Vos rounded out the top three in the moto. It is worth noting that Brad Anderson withdrew whilst running fourth with a suspected bike issue.

Moto Two Results: 1st Yentel Martens, 2nd Lewis Gregory, 3rd Patrick Vos, 4th Mike Vanderstraeten, 5th Kevin van Geldrop, 6th Mike Kras, 7th Matt Moffat, 8th Dietger Damiaens, 9th Josh van der Linden, 10th Francisco Utrilla Antonio.

Overall Classification: 1st Yentel Martens (2-1), 2nd Lewis Gregory (4-2), 3rd Mike Kras (1-6), 4th Mike Vanderstraeten (3-4), 5th Kevin van Geldrop (9-5), 6th Francisco Utrilla Antonio (5-10), 7th Josh van der Linden, 8th Patrick Vos (16-3), 9th Matt Moffat (11-7), 10th Dietger Damiaens (12-8).

Championship Standings: 1st Yentel Martens (47), 2nd Lewis Gregory (40), 3rd Mike Kras (40), 4th Mike Vanderstraeten (38), 5th Kevin van Geldrop (9-5), 6th Francisco Utrilla Antonio (27), 7th Josh van der Linden (26), 8th Patrick Vos (25), 9th Matt Moffat (24), 10th Dietger Damiaens (22).

EMX250 Moto Two

Even Heibye took the holeshot in the second EMX250 moto, but Conrad Mewse broke into the top spot within two laps. Mewse looked set to runaway with it, but Hunter Lawrence charged through the field after starting fifth and took the lead on lap six. The Australian’s time up front was short-lived, however, as a mistake a lap later dropped him back to third. Even Heibye took the lead at that point, but Conrad hunted him down again and eventually took the position with three to go. Three seconds was his advantage when he crossed the line, which was more than enough to hand him the overall victory and red plate.

Moto Two Results: 1st Conrad Mewse, 2nd Even Heibye, 3rd Thomas Kjer Olsen, 4th Bas Vaeseen, 5th Hunter Lawrence, 6th Kevin Wouts, 7th Anton Lundgren, 8th Nick Kouwenberg, 9th Ceriel Klein Kromhof, 10th Anton Gole.

Overall Classification: 1st Conrad Mewse (1-1), 2nd Even Heibye (4-2), 3rd Thomas Kjer Olsen (3-3), 4th Hunter Lawrence (2-5), 5th Kevin Wouts (6-6), 6th Anton Lundgren (5-7), 7th Nick Kouwenberg (8-8), 8th Bas Vaessen (14-4), 9th Darian Sanayei (7-12), 10th Ken Bengtson (10-11).

Championship Standings: 1st Conrad Mewse (50), 2nd Even Heibye (40), 3rd Thomas Kjer Olsen (40), 4th Hunter Lawrence (38), 5th Kevin Wouts (30), 6th Anton Lundgren (30), 7th Nick Kouwenberg (26), 8th Bas Vaessen (25), 9th Darian Sanayei (23), 10th Ken Bengtson (21).

WMX Moto Two

Courtney Duncan was seemingly keen to not make the same mistake as she did in moto one, as she got out front early on in the second WMX encounter and never looked back. The New Zealander crossed the line twenty-five seconds clear of her closest rival, Livia Lancelot. Nancy Van De Ven was third, after swapping positions with Lancelot and Verstappen a few times, which was good enough to hand her the overall at her home GP! Duncan lost out by two points, but will have the red plate again at round three in May.

Moto Two Results: 1st Courtney Duncan, 2nd Livia Lancelot, 3rd Nancy Van De Ven, 4th Amandine Verstappen, 5th Natalie Kane, 6th Julie Dalgaard, 7th Larissa Papenmeier, 8th Stephanie Laier, 9th Shana van der Vlist, 10th Frida Ostlund.

Overall Classification: 1st Nancy Van De Ven (1-3), 2nd Courtney Duncan (4-1), 3rd Livia Lancelot (3-2), 4th Amandine Verstappen (5-4), 5th Stephanie Laier (7-8), 6th Larissa Papenmeier (9-7), 7th Julie Dalgaard (11-6), 8th Shana van der Vlist (8-9), 9th Natalie Kane (14-5), 10th Frida Ostlund (10-10).

Championship Standings: 1st Courtney Duncan (93), 2nd Livia Lancelot (86), 3rd Nancy Van De Ven (83), 4th Larissa Papenmeier (60), 5th Amandine Verstappen (57), 6th Natalie Kane (53), 7th Kiara Fontanesi (52), 8th Britt Van Der Werff (42), 9th Shana van der Vlist (40), 10th Anne Brochers (39).

Words: Lewis Phillips | Image: Sean Ogden

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