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Great news for MX Vice, Elliot Banks Browne has signed up to give MX Vice a monthly blog so we can find out what’s going on behind the scenes! Have a read about the British 2012 MX2 Champion has been up too!


It is crazy that we’re already in 2013! It is pretty scary to think that a whole year went by just like that. There were so many ups and downs, so many emotions and now we are sitting here with all of that behind us, it’s forgotten about; we’re only days away from the first race of the year!

Things have come around far to quickly; we are not even nearly ready to start racing! I’ve only been riding for two weeks since I broke my shoulder back in December, and I’m supposed to be racing this weekend at Hawkstone! I must be mad. If it wasn’t for ‘Desert Off Road’ letting me go up and ride pretty much every day, I definitely wouldn’t be ready. They’re probably sick of the sight of me, but they have been great so be sure to go check it out (plug plug haha). I haven’t even done any testing yet; actually, that’s a lie. I have tested an engine that my dad built, which is amazing. It is so much better than last year; but I’ve done nothing else because of the injury. The season is all starting a bit early this year, but everyone is in the same position and I will be good to go by the first GP.

So, Hawkstone is this weekend; I have mixed emotions about it really. I am pretty excited about rocking out in my attire and showing up with a totally new look, which I think looks cool. But my Red Bull helmets won’t be here, which is a bit of a bummer.

I was thinking about turning up with a handlebar moustache like K-Dub ran at Anaheim one year. But I bottled it, and the Mrs. probably would have left me haha!

Davi Mudflaps

What about Davi Millsaps? What a legend he is at the moment. I thought that after Anaheim 1 he would slip back a bit, but he is killing it! I am so pumped for him, and I have massive respect for the dude! I have been a huge fan of his since I went to his training camp in America (MTF) back in 2005. He was a bad dude back then. The stuff that he could do on a bike just blew me away, and it still does to this day! I hope that he can carry on his good form all the way through the season; it’s nice to see some different riders mixing it up at the front.

‘SX Saddo’

I am pretty sad when it comes to the SX results at the weekend. From Saturday night all motocross related websites, Twitter and Facebook are out of bounds to me. That way, I can’t see any results whatsoever until I can watch it the next day on YouTube. Most of the time I don’t have to wait too long. But, I have had to wait as late as 10pm Sunday night to reconnect with the world, as the races were not uploaded fast enough. How could these people that upload the races be so inconsiderate, and make me suffer that long?

Fitness Test and Web Series

I had my first lab test with Red Bull performance today at the Loughborough University. We did a VO2 Max test, a threshold test and blood tests also, to get an idea of where I am at right now. E-Dub Media came along to watch me suffer all day, and he got it all on film for our new web series, which will hopefully be on Red Bull TV soon.

Here is a little training vid..


I have wanted to do a documentary type series about what really goes on behind the scenes in the life of a professional athlete for quite a while now. Something that shows how we get ready for the season, and captures all of the ups and downs, all of the nitty gritty parts that no one gets to see normally (with no scripts, just real life). I put my idea to Red Bull last year, and they loved it so now it’s just a matter of finalising all of the details; then we should be good to go. We have definitely got some good footage for you guys. So, watch this space and I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

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