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Dunlop Committed To Honda European 150 Championship

The Honda European 150 Championship, which is due to start in Ernée, France next month during the World Motocross Championship weekend, is being supported by with top quality tyres provided by Dunlop for the series.

Dunlop’s motocross focus is currently solely on MX1 as the main stage for developing tyres, although Dunlop does, however, like to identify and support young talent.  After two years of productive collaboration with Honda in MX1, the opportunity came to work together with the Honda 150cc European Championship to give young talented riders the chance to demonstrate their abilities on the international scene and support potential Honda / Dunlop MX1 riders of the future. Once working relationships have been formed and trust established in the talent from the 150cc championship, a return to MX2 may become an option to provide a continuous route to MX1.

Sharon Antonaros, Director Dunlop Motorcycle EMEA: “This is a great opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with Honda and to scout young talent to eventually become future world champions. It gives us the opportunity to understand motocross generations – riders of different ages and the different riding styles as well as the evolving track requirements. Despite not being present in MX2, we believe in the youth and we’d like to give identified talent the support they need throughout their career. This might even bring us back to MX2, to go alongside those riders on their way to MX1. In terms of tyre developments this can also be useful in order to understand the needs of different aged riders. We are very enthusiastic about entering this new championship together with Honda and finding the stars of tomorrow.” 

Roger Harvey, Off-road racing manager – Honda Europe: “It’s great that Dunlop are extending their support of Honda’s projects from MX1, which is their main focus for development, to our junior programme. We believe it is important to support young riders as they are coaxed through the racing ranks, and we hope to have a future champion from this series. Obviously the riders are racing at Grand Prix tracks, so it’s imperative that they have quality tyres to hone their skills on, and we’re pleased that Dunlop has agreed to supply riders with tyre options for the five round series.”

For more information about the Honda 150 European championship series, which is a five round championship that allows riders to turn up and race, while also receiving their race machine to keep at the end of the year, please visit:

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