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Doctor Explains: Ken Roczen

There are multiple reasons for sharing this video, which was published by an actual doctor in the United States. The obvious one is that those horrific arm injuries that Ken Roczen suffered in his first two terms as a HRC pilot are broken down in a manner that is quite shocking. Roczen has explained both injuries, of course, but not in the depth that Dr. Chris Raynor does below. Raynor is focussed solely on every single step of the process that surgeons went through from the start to the very end of this video, and it is eye opening to say the least. It is also a reminder of just how incredible it is that Roczen is back to being a race winner. Another reason for sharing this is that it is great to see the sport receive some recognition on a mainstream platform. That’s always great!

Video: Dr. Chris Raynor | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation


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