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Discussion: Jorge Prado

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After conquering the hard-pack surface of Russia and the sands of Latvia, Jorge Prado reeled off another clear win at the Grand Prix of Germany and pushed his advantage in the series standings up to forty-four points. It was another incredible ride, which is hardly surprising, but he was not too ecstatic about it. Prado was able to offer up some insightful analysis in this exclusive MX Vice interview from Teutschenthal.

MX Vice: Another 1-1. You extended your series lead by more than six points again. These are getting quite boring, because the same old thing is happening every single weekend!

Jorge Prado: Every weekend it is tough, especially this weekend. On Saturday I did not really feel comfortable whilst riding, but today I really focused on riding good. In that first moto I was riding okay. Still I was not happy, but the second moto was better. It was still a decent weekend. Very good, because I won both motos. It was good because I also could progress from Saturday to Sunday and I am happy about that.




Speaking of Saturday, a few people have noticed that in free practice you sometimes lay back a little bit. They think you are playing games. Is there any strategy to that? Have you kind of made a note that in free practice each weekend you are just going to take it easy? 

No. Honestly, I do not know what happened this time in free practice. I think I pushed one lap, but I also saw that the track was very muddy so, for example, the finish line… I did not jump that one. I was riding very carefully, because the track was full of mud and it is only free practice. I took my time and put a good lap in timed practice. [I had a] good qualifying race. It was a good weekend overall.

Did you make one mistake all weekend? I think I saw one coming back across the start straight over that little step-up thing. I don’t know when that was, but apart from that I didn’t see anything else. 

On Saturday I did three mistakes in the qualifying race. Today I did not really make one… Maybe once in the triple in the back, on the face. I lost my right hand. I don’t know why. I was jumping with one hand. Quite weird. I lost it, only once, so not really. No mistakes. I was riding carefully. The track was tough, so I was just trying to ride on the pegs and enjoy the tough track.




You obviously weren’t happy with the track prep last weekend in Latvia, and a lot of riders are talking about that this year, but what did you think of it this weekend? 

In the sand for sure the ramps, the take-offs and the landings should be prepped. Maybe the waves section too. Those are things that really need to be ready once we go out to the track, because it is dangerous. Safety goes first. The rest of the track should be bumpy, especially at the sand races. If you do not have bumps in the sand then it makes no sense. Today the track was quite rough.

They did a good job. They ripped it very deep and we got some very deep lines. Maybe if it was less ripped and not so… It would be different. Like I said, motocross needs to be different every weekend and it is this weekend. I think it was the first race of this year that you really feel that the track was physically demanding and that you get very big bumps and ruts. Totally different to the other rounds.

I’ll ask you this question again. We did it a few rounds ago. Are things perfect at the minute? Anything you need to work on? Anything at all?

For example, this weekend I did not really feel one hundred percent comfortable. That made me think that I still need to improve. I can make many improvements on me, the bike and just overall. Especially me, because I am the guy on the bike and I just need to get physically stronger. We are on the good way. We just need to keep working, because I am doing everything the best I can.




It is funny. Today I saw someone say, “Wait until we get to Indonesia, because Jorge struggles in the heat!” Can you believe that people still think you struggle in the heat? That was a long time ago. That is not a thing anymore. People need to shut up.

I didn’t know that people were still speaking about that, because last year I won all the heat races. The heat is affecting all the riders. Some riders can deal with it better than others. It’s how good you are prepared to suffer as well. In those races you see who is physically very strong, but anything can happen.

In Indonesia those races are something very special. Those are two races that I really mark on my calendar to go there, try to race and get back in one piece because you are far away from everything and you don’t want to crash there. Just trying to be safe there and at the same time do my best.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX


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