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Viewpoint: Gautier Paulin

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Gautier Paulin has faced a mountainous task in recent weeks, following a couple of crashes and health issues that have made each race a struggle. Although he is still far from one hundred percent, and unable to train as much as he would like to, he rebounded at the Grand Prix of Germany this past weekend and secured a spot on the box. There were plenty of positives to take away from Teutschenthal and he was eager to bask in those in this exclusive MX Vice interview.

MX Vice: Back on the podium, which is a big thing for you. It has been a rough couple of weeks. I guess, with this result, it is just mainly relief.

Gautier Paulin: We really need to build up always, always and always. Being back on the podium is the main thing. Actually, I was happy about my weekend last week in Latvia. I was far away from the podium. I was fighting around the top ten, but the batteries were empty because of injuries and crashes. I need to swallow it and go forward. It has been tough but finishing motos has been helping me. Finishing motos on two wheels has been helping me to build up my shape again and, in those moments, it is tough to train, so you know when you are in-between. Now this weekend, the podium, I deserve it. It does not come for free. I went to search for it in the last two or three corners, so I am feeling really happy.




You are obviously not at one hundred percent yet, so how close to that are you and what part of your body hurts the most?

I actually got a big hit in Portugal that was really, really tough. Then I had not so much luck in France. I knocked myself down in Russia and that one has been really, really tough on the body. When you knock yourself down it is pretty heavy and makes you really tired. I hurt my left hand also, so this was it. Still hurts, but we continue here. It was really hard, because the track was like enduro.

It was really hard to clutch in many places and it was pretty hot, but today was a good day and we start from there. I feel I am going to train good on the bike before Indonesia, because before these GPs I could not really train and spend time on the bike. We really need it. This is the world championship. The guys don’t wait for us. We need to keep pushing, so I’m feeling happy right now and happy to be back on the schedule hopefully next week.

Is this one weekend off going to be enough time for you to make massive gains? Will you only be a little bit better in Indonesia?

It needs to be massive gains. It needs to. You can see the championship is long. It is a tough one. The level is really high. Hopefully I will be at my best really soon, but I really enjoyed the moment today. Let’s stay on that touch and think about the future tomorrow.




These health issues that you have got, it is not like a broken bone or a fracture. It is just aches and pains that come from being beaten up, I guess? 

I got beat up, but I had some fractures on the left hand. No fracture on the bone, just fractures on the other things. I broke other things. Still painful, but now it is going to be close to three weeks next weekend. I think it will go well. I will try to be training hard on the bike. Going to Indonesia we cannot train, so I will be riding only at the weekend and then it is back-to-back weekends.  

This will give me some rest. Back again after a week of rest after Indonesia, so soon we will be back. I know it is a tough one. When you go for three GPs in a row and you get beat up in the first one in Russia, you need to dig deep in Latvia and back again in Teutschenthal. Here we are on the podium, so no excuses. When you fill up the gate you need to be one hundred percent. This is how motocross is. Today I was behind the gate.




I guess that is the tough thing. In your situation, when you are beaten up and dealing with all kinds of issues, people at home and even at the races, they do not understand just how bad or painful it is. If you try and tell people, they say you are making excuses. You can hardly win in a situation like this. You just need to put your head down and come out the other side.

Yeah, like you said, we need to dig deep. I do not put it in the social media and stuff. Some people like to put x-rays, echography and stuff. This is the way everybody lives, but I know what I have. I know what I need to do to be back at the top and I do. It is not in my mind. I want to give the best for my fans, but when there are some tough times they are also behind me in many situations. I do not really complain.

You can check on the negative, but there is a lot to check on the positive also. I am much more that kind of guy. I go from that. If the people think I finish tenth and fifteenth just because it was a bad day, then okay. Thank you and next. When you see me riding like this it is because there is something.




Finally, talking about positives, how about the set-up that you have got at Wilvo currently? You have got one of your best mates as a teammate, he is actually competitive with you and obviously everyone is friendly. You are stoked for Arnaud [Tonus] when he does well. He is stoked for you when you do well. It is a tough thing to find in motocross, but it must help you as a rider just to have that nice atmosphere.

You know we are buddies since we did 85cc races together, so with Arnaud we have been always buddies. When I was training with [Aldon] Baker in Florida, then after in California, I was at Arnaud’s place in the US. When he came here, he was at my place and stuff. We are friends. That is it. That is the only word. Even if we will fight on the track, the track is the track. Now I’m really happy that he is riding good.

I was riding good and he was riding shit, then I was riding shit and he was riding good. It was not so cool. Now, this weekend, we both ride good, so it is pretty cool and cool for the team, like you said. The team is strong… They believe. We really put the effort in. With the support from Monster Energy Yamaha behind us and the heart of Wilvo in, it is pretty awesome.

I think we have not seen the full potential of it yet. It is great. He [Louis Vosters] does a lot for the sport, so I am really thankful that he helps us like this in the motocross world. We really need those kinds of people. He is one of the greatest, so thanks to him for that passion for motocross.

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