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Viewpoint: Evgeny Bobryshev

Evgeny Bobryshev may have missed out on the win at round two of the Maxxis British Championship, but things could have turned out much worse. A crash in the first moto threatened to cost Evgeny a considerable amount of points but, just as one would expect from the gritty Russian, he put his down and salvaged something from the event. All of that is discussed in this exclusive MX Vice interview.

MX Vice: You did not win today, which I am guessing is your goal every time you come here, but solid points on the board. You came back from a crash that could have been really bad in the first one. So, all in all, a solid day.

Evgeny Bobryshev: It’s fine. I’m happy to walk away from my crash from the first race. I damaged my bike pretty bad and hurt myself a little bit, but nothing serious. Just a few pains on my body. First race after the crash I just finished fourth. Nothing I could do but the track was super gnarly. Some places were dangerous, difficult to push, and then in the second race I was looking more like forward to the race. I had a not bad start. I was top three, but Jake [Nicholls] had a strong first lap, so he pulled away.

I found my rhythm but I could not get closer to him. We stayed in the same gap. He was riding good today. Fair play to him. I was trying my best. I couldn’t get closer. That is what it is. I’m still in second place, still second in championship and some more races are coming. Have to be pleased after today.


Evgeny Bobryshev is second in the series, seven points down.

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Were you in pain in the second race from that first moto crash or had it kind of gone away by then?

A few fingers, but it’s not that bad. It wouldn’t stop me riding or concentrating. It hurts, but it is no excuse. For sure, second race I was trying my best. Track was sketchy to push and then to go harder, so after my first crash I decided the second race a little bit to keep flowing and keep a good rhythm. I tried last four or five laps to get closer, but I could not get closer. I’m alright. I’m quite happy about the day for sure. I didn’t win, but second place and it’s always nice to be in the podium.

I guess that’s the toughest thing. You want to push when you come here and win, but MXGP is your main goal so you don’t want to risk that by going too hard here.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s true, especially when you are not feeling right with the track or you don’t get on with the track. It’s better to be safe, keep it on two wheels and finish top three than trying to win and crash like me first race. A little bit stupid. I had the sideways and then I went over the bike. I’m happy nothing dangerous so I can move to the GP now, to my home GP. I’m really looking forward for this race.

You went to the inside gate in both motos. Did you decide to do that after watching the first MX2 start? I saw Natzke went there, so did that kind of force you to do it?

Yeah, it does because right inside it is really hard over there. You get closer to the fence and then the bike is just pulling. In the middle it’s deep sand, so then I had a really good start. I was always top three both motos. That’s why after the MX2 start I decided to go there, because I saw Natzke just pull a good holeshot. It was done for me for a place.


Eighth at Agueda was a season-best MXGP finish for Bobryshev.

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If there is one thing that you maybe need to work on, do you think that it’s intensity through the first couple of laps? It kind of looked like that today, but then maybe you were just playing it safe on a rough and sketchy track?

No, I don’t want to have work on it. I’m not so bad with the first laps, but the thing is I didn’t feel safe on the track. It’s taking me time to get speed. In the first lap I didn’t decide to go hard and then just crash or something, like to make something stupid. I was getting lap by lap just more comfortable and comfortable. That is where I lost the time, where I lost the speed and where Jake pulled away. Then I start coming not back, but same time riding, but he was a bit too far already.

Have you got any of the parts from Suzuki Japan yet or has anything moved forward there? Are you still on the same kind of bike?

At the moment, same bike. We are not so far from standard bike, so this is a bit difficult for me to make a good start. But we are in contact with Japan, so it looks like they are getting more interested. I’m hoping we could have a good help to improve the bike and then to make the results better and easy riding for me a little bit.


Bobryshev is thirteenth in MXGP, sixteen points from the top ten.

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You have got to be stoked with the way it is all going though, considering you are close to a stock bike and you have kind of really got comfortable in sixth, seventh and eighth now. So, once you do get some more help, podiums should start coming again.

Yeah – that’s what I’m looking for. The team works good. That is the main thing. At the moment, we just tried to improve the engine. We are taking time really. It’s moving slow everything. Then I’m getting more confidence with the bike. I’m hoping we could get some after Kegums maybe more parts coming, do some more testing to improve results and then try to get closer to the podium.

I’ve got to ask. Brian Bogers is going to be out for pretty much the entire year. Have HRC contacted you again at all?

No, not yet. I know they’re looking a rider to replace him. I talked to the boys but nothing comes about to replace him, because I have a deal with BOS already.

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