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Insight: Evgeny Bobryshev

Evgeny Bobryshev is without a ride currently and, unfortunately, it seems as though his time in the FIM Motocross World Championship is over. That is not to say that he will not be racing anymore though, as he has his sights set on domestic series or maybe even a stint in America! Bobryshev talks about that in this candid interview, which covers his split from PAR Homes Husqvarna and the future.

MX Vice: It has been announced that you are not going to be on a PAR Homes Husqvarna this year. It seemed like everyone thought that you would be back there, so when did you find out that they would not have a spot for you?

I would say that it was the middle of December or something like that. Everything was going as planned for next year, and we were having discussions about budgets and plans. I think that they lost several sponsors though and could not offer me anything anymore. Unfortunately, we went in different directions from there.

I guess you wanted to stay there though, as you are close to Neil Prince. It seemed like the team was a good fit for you, especially coming off of the problems at BOS.

Yeah, I had a good year and I was happy in the team. It was important that everyone inside the team was really nice, so it was nice to work with them. I have known Neil since 2010 and we are close friends. I enjoyed my time there, but I was coming back from injury and still struggled with my leg in January. I was slowing growing and then COVID came, so we were locked down for three months. The last part of the year was good though. We were planning to do more of the British championship this year and several Grands Prix, but unfortunately that did not happen. I am not riding for them anymore.



Ray Archer

Have you spoken to any other teams in MXGP? Are there even any options left? It is quite late now.

I had some offers, but the problem is that there is no money anymore. I am not riding for free. I had an offer from Beta, but what they offered… I spend more on preparation in the wintertime. It was just really small money, what they offered. You need to develop the bike, test the bike and do many things. I said no to that, for that amount of money. I am just talking to one team in the ADAC series in Germany, so I think I am quitting MXGP. I will do some local races. I am also looking at something for the outdoors in the USA, so it is like that at the moment.

I guess that you want to be in MXGP and still have the fire to do it, but you only have the fire to do it if the situation is right and the money is there. There’s no point doing that if the resources are not there and neither is the money.

Yeah, you are right. It is difficult for me, because I like to race. I am a racer! There is another part though, with money and budgets. I need good material to make results too. When you put all of your effort on the table and work for a year… For example, if a team has the material then it’s easier to make good results. On the other side, I need the money. I am not young anymore and cannot just ride for good material. I have got a family and still have to pay to live! You are risking so much if you are riding for free and for what?

Would you be happy doing a year in the ADAC or Britain? Would that be enough to motivate you and get you excited? 

Yeah, it is! It still has to be well paid. I would be happy to do some national races, because that would keep me busy. I cannot just stop immediately in one day. That’s impossible for me! I would be happy to do some local races, because that would be even more fun for me. The races would be close; there would be less races, less travelling and less stress. You can still make good money doing those national races too. More than you can in MXGP these days!



Ray Archer

What about these American rumours then? You just said that you are looking for that. I guess that would be the option that excites you the most, huh? 

Yeah, it would be. I am just planning at the moment. I am waiting on a few answers from the USA – I contacted some people. It is quiet at the moment though. There is nothing for me to actually look at. They are all busy with supercross, so it’s obviously difficult to get in touch with somebody to make a plan for the nationals. That will come a bit later. I am planning! I am still looking for a way to get to the USA, because I have a plan to move there with the family in the future. That would be a good way to try what I have always wanted. It has to be in the right way though. If I concentrated on MXGP now with everything that is happening, I would lose another year. I would be like, “F**k. I should have tried something different.” There is nothing to catch in MXGP at the moment.

How are you feeling about the situation at the moment? Are you pissed off that you are in this situation and cannot get decent money? Are you quite excited to do something new? 

It is just the timing. I was pissed at the beginning, because I still wanted to be in the paddock and racing MXGP. I realised what the situation is like though and that it was just wasting time. I slowed down, looked in different ways and realised that I could do something different. That has made me happier. It is strange though! I have been there since I was twenty, so sometimes it is not easy to change your ways. When you think a little more then you start to see that there are other ways that could make you happier.

I don’t think that many people noticed that Trentino was actually quite good to you. You got back into the top ten and had some really solid points. That proves that you are still a world-class rider who belongs in MXGP or maybe even America. 

Speed and fitness are not a problem for me. It’s just a matter of time. If you prepare well in the winter and set your bike up well before the season, then I don’t see a problem to be at the front. The last race in Trentino was good for me, but it was always difficult for me to make a good start. I was always coming from outside of the top ten! That is difficult in this class. The class is so strong and the start is really what matters a lot.

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