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Disappointed Bobryshev will not race in Arco Di Trento

The Honda World Motocross team is disappointed to announce that Evgeny Bobryshev will not race in Arco Di Trento this weekend for round four of the MX1 World Championship, as further tests following a small crash in training this week have revealed a fracture to his right fibula.

Bobryshev, who was feeling positive following his first podium finish in over year at Valkenswaard last time out, has had a good few days testing on the harder ground in preparation for this weekend. Unfortunately for the Honda pilot, in his final preparations Bobryshev had a small crash on an out-lap in Faenza on Wednesday, which twisted his ankle and left him incredibly sore.

Initial tests showed nothing but a badly sprained ankle, which would heal enough to race this weekend, although with medical attention from the team’s physio and the doctors at Padova University, further X-rays have shown a small fracture to the bottom of the right fibula. Bobryshev will certainly be unable to race this weekend, as the feeling with his ankle has deteriorated while the swelling has increased, and there is some doubt as to whether he will be healed in time for Sevlievo, Bulgaria next week.

As expected Bobryshev is incredibly disappointed that a small crash will have such a dramatic effect on his championship possibilities, but the 25-year-old Russian racer will certainly be doing everything possible with regular treatment from the team’s physio Giuseppe Chiodi to recover as quickly as possible.

Evgeny Bobryshev #777
“What can I say? I am devastated not only for the team, the sponsors but also myself. Everyone puts so much work in and I know I have put a lot of effort in too, so to have to miss races from such a small crash is a really bitter pill to swallow. Basically we did some riding in Belgium after Valkenswaard and then on the harder ground here in Italy, and everything has been great. I’ve been fast and everything with the bike has been good, so I was feeling really positive for the weekend. On the first laps around Faenza I caught my foot in a rut and twisted it, which made me have a small crash. It was so small the boys didn’t even come over to see if I was okay. I rode back and later I felt a little uncomfortable, so we went to get it checked out. I was pleased to hear it was only a sprain, and there was no doubt really that I would ride at the weekend, but over the last two nights I&rs quo;ve been in a lot of pain and I had to go to get a more detailed look at the sore area. The doctors found the small fracture; it really isn’t very big at all, and it’s a clean, straight, fracture but it will take around three weeks to heal properly. I can only say sorry to everyone, as I am so disappointed not to be able to race this weekend.”

Lorenzo Resta: Honda World Motocross Team Manager
“Obviously we as a team feel incredibly disappointed, but we have to remember that this is motocross, and these things do happen, but unfortunately it has such a dramatic effect on what we are trying to achieve. What is really difficult for us to accept is an injury that will prevent Bobby from racing that was incurred with such a small crash, when he can bounce back from much bigger, spectacular crashes with no injury at all. We have exhausted every option here to make him more comfortable, but the pain was still increasing, which made sense when the fracture was found today. Bobby must take the time out to heal without risking further damage, and with him being unable to kick off the bike, it wouldn’t be sensible to allow him to try and race this weekend. Now he will have more treatment and hope to be back for Bulgaria, although it’s difficult to say at this stage whether it’s possible.”


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