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Dirt Bike Show…!

Well our first Dirt Bike Show as MX Vice and wow! You never quite no what to expect and I personally spent a lot of time trying to be as creative as possible with our stand.

Our sexy wall was a blast and all the lucky sponsors of the event had the pleasure of having their logo in the same video as Tommy Searle, Jeff Herlings, Clement Desalle and our very own Ross Keyworth.

We chose to drive up and down each day to Bath which was tough but fun. I’m lucky to have a network of close friends who will literally do anything to see MX Vice and myself succeed. We had many people on stand helping throughout the 4 days, Ross Keyworth, Luke Hawkins, Alex Hussey, Paul Hussey, Robin Wilkins, Ian Dutton, Rob Hooper, Tim Loveday, Chloe and Katie Upton to name a few.

I can’t thank enough the 50 odd riders, mechanics, team bosses and product manufacturers for the interviews they gave throughout the 4 days. We are in the process of editing these and getting them online ASAP!

So a few changes over the 4 days for teams with the announcement of Elliott Banks-Browne going from DB Racing to KTM. A great catch for Roger Magee but a huge blow for David At DB Racing.

I managed to meet a lot of great people in the industry at the Dirt Bike Show who are like-minded and looking for ways to push the sport forward, this fits in with our Philosophy.

We have a busy week ahead and we’re in the process of bringing someone on board who will make a huge difference to MX Vice. This week will be spent contacting the new friends we have made, arranging visits and finding ways how we can help promote their business, services and products through MX Vice.

Thanks for reading 🙂

James Burfield


  1. ken rogers

    hope mxvise gets to be massive, love all that your doing. looking forward to some road trips next year, clare said she will not throw any more dirty water over you now you a big presents in motocross,,,,,,ha ha

  2. Chris @ Rhino Goo

    Thank to all of you for putting our picture up on your website, we really appreciate it and i hope it all goes well for you , if theres any body who deserves it..

    We need to change our tacticks next year, we need to see more stuff, i really pushed it this year, we contacted loads of top distributors and none wants to take us on, they recon they are so quiet on selling proclean that they cant really take us on.. No wonder proclean are quite.. we was every where last year and sold 5000 1trs and 4000 5lts, and 202 25ltrs, no wonder they are anyway pleawse keep in touch, once again thanks for the photo of the goo on your site.

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