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Devon MX – Club Qualifier and Open Event – Sunday 22nd April 2012 – Tiverton

Devon MX – Club Qualifier and Open Event – Sunday 22nd April 2012 – Tiverton

Devon MX was one of the few clubs to run their race event last weekend in the south west due to the rain during the week but everyone who made the effort was greeted by a surprisingly dry track which was even dusty in places in practice. The adult groups were boosted in numbers by some top riders who wanted some practice on the track before next weekend’s championship. The kids gave it their all and throughout all of the groups the spectators were treated to some great racing which made the event worthwhile.

To start the racing off the Open riders were the first to the line. A great day was had by Luke Blanchard who took the maximum points and overall win. Sam Chapman was very consistent with a forth and two second allowing him second overall followed by Luke Mellows and Ross Flashman in third and fourth. A fantastic first race saw club rider Aaron Jenkins hold on to second place for a few laps before fading to a well-deserved seventh place, with another seventh and a sixth place he took home fifth overall.

The AMX and Over 35s were racing together and threw up a few surprises. The over 35 rider Gary Down held off the young AMX riders until the penultimate lap of the last race. He took a second and two wins in the Over 35 group to walk away with a great overall victory in his group. Stuart Hodder was another Over 35 rider who managed a great day with a fourth and two second to finish second overall. All of the other Over 35 riders seemed to find the going hard as the rain fell during the second block but Mark Wilde finished third overall followed by Martin Lawrence, Steve Cotterell and Shaun Tucker.

The AMX riders provided some great entertainment as the placed swapped around each lap of each race. Eventual winner Ben Denison took a win, third and fourth place for his efforts followed home by Simon Gill who had two fourths and a second to finish second overall. Harry Mitchell took a win in the second race after a seventh place and fifth place to finish the day giving him third overall. In fourth, fifth and six was Tristan Rowe, Nathan Tuckey and Luke Chanter.

The little guys were next on the track and showed everyone the hearts they wore on their sleeves as they battled hard and managed all three races.
With his yellow bib still on Little Auto rider Josh Wase had a great day and even took the hole shot in the last race by battling with a junior right into the first corner and coming out in front. He managed three Auto wins and took home the overall first place.
The Junior rider Jason Down managed to take some tips from his elder in the over 35 group to gain two wins and a second place giving him the overall Junior win. Kai Ford was supper excited as he took his first ever win in race two alongside his two second places which gave him a great second place overall. Max Patterson another rider with his bib still on battled and did not ever give up on his Kawasaki to finish fourth overall in front of Club Chairman’s son who also battled hard Adam Treen.

Riding together to make a competitive group total of sixteen riders the Small Wheel and Big Wheel riders looked to be enjoying their day. Small Wheel rider Brendan Cooper took the overall win with maximum points followed by Kieran Yorke who progressed from two third places to a second in the last race. Third place overall went to Clayton Coaker followed by Brandon Baker, Ryan Comer and Harry Day.
In the same race the Big wheel rider Josh Bunter looked to be enjoying his day as he took three very convincing wins to his overall maximum. Callan Stone had two seconds and a fourth to finish second ahead of Jak Ford and Jack Banbury.

Rounding out the day the senior group showed true spirit as the rain of the second block seemed to be attracted to them. Only one rider stopped Josh Taylor getting his maximum making him settle for a second place in race two whilst Loukas Maggio took the win, but with a lack of any other race finish Josh took a well-deserved overall victory. Dean Symonds, Daniel Gibbons, Jack Stevens and Jordan Hembrow swapped places many a time throughout the day to finish over all in second, third, fourth and fifth. Charlie Wheeler took home sixth overall with very consistent day.

The club would like to thank everyone who helped make this event happen and are very glad to say that with everyone’s help we had a fantastic day and hope the riders and spectators did too.

We will see you at our next event which is round three of the Devon and Cornwall GT Trophy at Wrangaton on Sunday 6th May. Booking in on line at or to Steve Treen on 07977534555.

1st – Josh Wase

1st – Jason Down
2nd – Kai Ford
3rd – Max Patterson
4th – Adam Treen

1st – Brendan Cooper
2nd – Kieran Yorke
3rd – Clayton Coaker
4th – Brandon Baker
5th – Ryan Comer
6th – Harry Day

1st – Josh Bunter
2nd – Callan Stone
3rd – Jak Ford
4th – Jack Banbury

1st – Josh Taylor
2nd – Dean Symonds
3rd – Daniel Gibbons
4th – Jack Stevens
5th – Jordan Hembrow
6th – Charlie Wheeler

1st – Ben Denison
2nd – Simon Gill
3rd – Harry Mitchell
4th – Tristan Rowe
5th – Nathan Tuckey
6th – Luke Chanter

1st – Luke Blanchard
2nd – Sam Chapman
3rd – Luke Mellows
4th – Ross Flashman
5th – Aaron Jenkins
6th – C Southcott

Over 35
1st – Gary Down
2nd – Stuart Hodder
3rd – Mark Wilde
4th – Martin Lawrence
5th – Steve Cottrell
6th – Shaun Tucker


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