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Desertmartin Maxxis mix-up for Lanes Kawasaki

With round five of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship held in Northern Ireland, Lanes Kawasaki made the long trek to Desertmartin with the hope that the famous sand circuit would deliver yet more excellent results. But – it was not to be.

On Sunday morning, qualifying sessions delivered good results; Marc de Reuver improved on his early MX1 qualifying session in the super-pole with a third place, while Sunny Thompson in the MX2 class put in an eighteenth place performance. MXY2 rider James Harrison had to settle for sixth place.

For de Reuver, the first race was also the last of the day. A mid-pack start became a battle towards the front, and whilst working towards seventh place, de Reuver crashed into another rider getting up from an unrelated crash. Winded and with a sore wrist, he finished the race in the same place he started, in fifteenth. Struggling to twist the wrist afterwards, de Reuver felt it was best to sit out the remainder. The day overall was a disappointing twenty-fourth place.

Thompson’s first race saw him get off the start in mid-pack. Several laps later he entered the points and continued to make inroads to sixteenth. Here he settled in to the end for a sixteenth place across the finish line. In the second race, Thompson found himself in mid-pack around the first lap again. Again he worked hard to move up into the top twenty, battling with several rivals along the way. With two laps to go, Thompson moved into seventeenth, ending the race there. The final race ended four laps after the start. After a crash in the first lap, Thompson, much to his chagrin, lost his fuel cap and had to pull in, losing his chance to make another run at the top fifteen. Third race notwithstanding, Thompson ended the day in seventeenth overall.

James Harrison got off to a good start. In sixth after the first lap, Harrison soon found himself in third. Under pressure by several rivals, Harrison had to back off and ended the race in sixth. Although his second race got off to a great start, the race was beset with problems. Slipping several times, Harrison found himself going backwards, ending the race in twelfth, and taking ninth on the day.

Commented Dean Lane on the day: “It was a bit of a nightmare weekend for us. Marc qualified third, then in the first race landed on Whatley’s bike and injured himself. That was the end of the day for him. Sunny rode ok with a sixteenth and a seventeenth, but then had to pull in in the final race. James had a solid day, pulling a sixth and a twelfth out of the bag, so good for James. Roll on Canada Heights in two weeks for the next round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals where we hope to regroup and have all three riders putting good races together, especially since this is classed as our home track and we aim to do well.”

Marc de Reuver (#212): Today was simply bad. Qualifying was good, lap times were good. I had a bad start, came through to the front, and then in the last lap Kristian Whatley crashed behind a jump and I crashed into him, and hurt my wrist pretty bad. I can’t twist the throttle, and that’s important for riding, so that was it.

Sunny Thompson (#177): The first race wasn’t too bad. I had a bad start and then came on strong. In the end I ended up sixteenth. In the second race I had a good battle throughout the race and ended up seventeenth. In the last race the fuel cap came off, so I had fuel all over me and I had to pull in.

James Harrison (#153): Qualifying went good, I got a sixth which I was happy with. The first race I was happy with too; I got a sixth in the race as well after I got a good start. In the second race I got a good start, struggled a bit, but I don’t know what I was struggling with. I felt fine but just couldn’t go fast. In the end I finished twelfth.

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