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DEP Honda CRF250 2014

With Honda offering an all new CRF250, British Exhaust company – DEP – are also on the case with an all new exhaust system for their new machine……and not just one, but two!

They’ve been working hard on making two quality exhaust systems for this new model: a twin system and a single. The new CRF250 comes in stock trim with the twin system but DEP also give the owner an option to reduce weight and go with a single. Both systems use the same header pipe, this is a sprung cylinder mounted header and uses DEP’s medium boost chamber that helps reduce the decibel level whilst improving the midrange power over the stock header. It has a diameter changes and an increased overall length on the stock header pipe.

The single system silencer is two piece, a sprung S7R can to mid section. The can uses a single mounting bracket. The internals are made up of a two stage perf as bleed chamber. This offers a weight saving and track testing results show that this system would be preferred by a high revving riding style and may suite sand tracks better than the twin system.

The twin system is a three piece consisting of a midsection and a left and right hand silencer as the stock version. The difference is the DEP system gives massive power improvements both on the track and on the Dyno over the stock system. The S7R twin system improves throttle response and gives a great torque curve over stock.

For further technical information please see the PDF’s attached. The DEP 2014 Honda CRF250 exhaust systems and pricing are available in the UK through 01372 378000. For a full list of worldwide DEP distributors  and further information go


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