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Dean Wilson Injured!

It has just been revealed by Dean that he has torn his ACL and MCL. He posted the following statement on his Instagram account:

“As my results havnt been the greatest I was excited to keep building my results better and better each weekend. Yesterday was one of the toughest days I have had in my career. Just a normal Thursday training in the middle of my Moto when I made a mistake at the Ktm test track. I am so gutted and disappointed to say that I have torn my ACL and MCL and will be getting surgery next week.

Yesterday while I was on the way to the hospital looking out the window at the mountains I was contemplating on quitting and just get a real job and live a normal life. It just seems to be a continuos streak lately and the disappointment is just killing me as a person… But I know how much I am capable of achieving and how much I love this sport when things are going good . But sometimes it can just be so cruel. I have the best sponsors and people that I can’t thank enough for there love and loyal support.. And thx to all my fans for the support to. I wish I could be racing this weekend. But god has another plan for me.”

Image: KTM/Simon Cudby

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