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Dean Wilson to fill in for Chad Reed?

Okay, before I go any further, I need to clarify that this is a rumour at this stage. However, there has been a few things that have popped up today that could indicate that Dean Wilson will be filling in for Chad Reed on the Discount Tire Racing team. Apparently, there will be a press release from the Reed camp today, which will update us on their plans for the upcoming months.

But, this Dean thing makes sense, for a few reasons. Chad is heavily backed by Pro Circuit, so there is a connection there. Dean is out of the 250SX West title race (pretty much), so there is no concern about him affecting his position in that series. Of course, Wilson and Reed are good friends too – it all adds up.

We’ll update you on this, as soon as we receive confirmation. But, this picture has popped up of Wilson on a Discount Tire Racing machine. So, it seems very, very likely.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 19.37.54

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