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Wilson confirms his plans

Speculation has surrounded Dean Wilson recently, as his plans for next year have been unclear. Wilson has, of course, been piloting a Yamaha at the Californian test tracks, as it seemed that Keith McCarty was going to attempt to find room for him on one of the Yamaha-supported efforts.

Alas, no deal came together and Wilson will continue on his own. The likeable Scotsman took to social media last night to confirm that he’ll turn up at round one on a Yamaha as a privateer. Obviously fill-in rides will become available at some point, so he’ll be looking to jump on one of those as soon as possible.

“Don’t feel bad for me. I’m good! I’m going to be racing and I’m gonna do my best. I’m working hard and doing all I can do to be at the races,” he wrote on Twitter. “Thx to everyone that supports me and everyone who has helped me put parts together for my bike and will help me at the races. I will be betting on myself this time around. Unfortunately never cut the mustard for a team, but hoping I can get back there eventually. Will see you at the races! Ready to have fun and see what I can do. Thx everybody for the support!

MX Vice Editor || 25