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Dean Ferris Interview

Aussie Dean Ferris made a big impression in the first two MX2 GPs of the season. Running top
three in the championship, it looked like he was going to be maybe the closest challenger to Jeffrey

But disaster struck when the Dixon Yamaha rider got injured in a round of the Dutch national
championship while preparing for Valkenswaard. A broken collarbone and some broken ribs was the
unfortunate result.

Ferris is hard as nails and he bravely tried to ride at Valkenswaard despite the pain but it was just a
step to far after only two weeks from the injury. As a result Dean was forced to watch the racing on
easter Monday and saw his third in the championship taken away from him.

We caught up with the determined and confident Australian over the weekend and he was kind
enough to give us his thoughts on his season so far.

Your start to the season was pretty impressive. Where you expecting to be up there right away?

Yea, I have a good bike and good team. I had a good off season training and that’s what I was hoping
to do.

In Thailand you got away really well, were you disappointed to drop back a bit?

Yea I was. I was having dramas with my arm going totally numb. It started on the Saturday when I
had a bit of an accident and my nerves swelled up and I lost circulation. I was happy to get through
the race and not crash because it was totally numb. I took good points but it was disappointing
because for sure I would have been on the podium. But I was pumped about my start to get away
with the 450s off the starts shows that my bike is fast.

What do you think about the Superfinal?

Yea immediately I was positive about because I went better in the Superfinal in Qatar so I thought
it was awesome but in Thailand whenI was going backwards I was just eating roost so it wasn’t so
much fun! But I don’t mind, it is what it is. I just get on with things and don’t think about it too much.

The injury came at a pretty bad time, you tried riding on Sunday but too sore?

I tried riding yesterday but it was too sore and I can’t go fast enough. I will just watch and by the
next round I should be a lot stronger. I won’t be full strength but I will be able to race. I’m not too
worried, I am doing everything possible to recover and that’s all I can do.

Where are you living while you do the GPs?

I live in Belgium, I love it here in Europe although it’s still a bit cold so hopefully it warms up! Italy
should be good weather it always will.

Next year are you moving back to MX1 or staying in MX2?

I have to move up next year so I am still with Steve next year. I feel good about the team and it was
a really good decision to do a multi-year deal so hopefully I can start a long relationship with one

The Aussies are always good on the MX1 bike it seems.

I am actually a better rider on the MX1 bike but I didn’t get to show that last year for whatever
reason but I look forward to moving up. But at the moment my bike is fast and I can’t believe how
good it is for a 250f.

Interview by Jonathan McCready

Picture by YS

MX Vice Editor || 25

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