Wild Rumour: Dean Ferris

Honestly, when I first heard these rumours, I was speechless – they came out of nowhere! I am sure that, by now, most of you have already heard the speculation surrounding Dean Ferris, as it has been discussed in length on various social media platforms. If not, allow me to inform you. Currently, there are some rumours travelling around the internet that suggest the Australian may have the opportunity to join the Red Bull KTM squad in the USA. However, in order to capitalise on the opportunity, he would have to find a way to get out of his 2014 deal with Steve Dixon, and the Monster Energy Bike It Yamaha team.

But, at the moment, this is nothing more than a crazy rumour – I cannot stress that enough. Although we attempted to gather some information, neither party was available to comment. If this rumour does prove to be true, and Ferris will indeed be racing in the USA in 2014, it would be a great opportunity for the Australian. In the past, he has openly stated that he has a burning desire to compete in the USA at some point in his career. In fact, I think that if you were to talk to every rider in the MXGP series, a large majority of them would like to tackle the American series before they hang up their boots. There is so much going on within the industry over there; it is no surprise that most riders are desperate to head to the United States.

It is no secret that the Red Bull KTM team in the USA are looking to add a fourth rider to their lineup. Austin Politelli put his hat in the ring at the Monster Energy Cup, as he was given a tryout with the team. However, that obviously did not work out as planned, so they are exploring other options – Ferris appears to be one of the riders that they are interested in. So, perhaps there is an element of truth to these rumours? However, it is getting late in the year now, so switching his program up completely may not be the best option for Dean.

If there is indeed a spot on the Red Bull KTM team waiting for him, he would have to get back onto a 250f, as the American squad already has Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey on the bigger bikes. The 250f is undoubtedly the best bike for Dean to ride, whilst he is trying to learn supercross. But, Dean has mentioned countless times that he thinks that he is a better 450f rider. Therefore, if he did decide to go back to the smaller bike, it would be a bit of an odd decision, especially when you consider he has a great Yamaha 450f waiting for him over here, with good backing (it is no secret that Steve Dixon’s bikes are superb).

Evidently, Dean has a comfortable, and lucrative deal lined up over here with the established Monster Energy Bike It Yamaha team. So, it does seem a bit peculiar that he would be interested in moving to the USA at this point, especially when supercross is so foreign to him. If he were to head Stateside, he would have to get acclimatised to his new surroundings, and adjust to supercross, in a very short space of time. I remember seeing an interview with Chad Reed, where he stated that Ferris might find supercross difficult. So, with very little time to prepare for the 250SX East division, how the Australian would potentially perform remains to be seen. However, it could also open many, many doors for him in the future, which would be a great way for him to progress as a professional athlete.

In order to fulfil his dream, and head to the USA, Dean would have to burn some bridges, which is never a good thing in this sport, where your future is uncertain more often than not. Of course, he would be letting Steve Dixon down – the man that got Ferris to where he is today. You have to think that, without Steve, he would not be in a position to tackle the American scene. I believe that the results he garnered this year really catapulted him into the limelight. If Dixon hadn’t of taken a chance on the Australian last year, who knows where he would be at this point – that should not be overlooked.

But, at the end of the day, if it is Dean Ferris’ dream to chase the bright lights of the United States, then he should go for it. Who knows when an opportunity like this will pop up again? Anyway, at this point in time, this is all a wild rumour – no one knows what is going to happen. Here at MX Vice, we are fans of the sport who love to bench-race, so that is exactly what we have done in this piece! I would bet that silly season is going to get even sillier before the end of the year.

If this story does develop, you can be sure that we will update you immediately.

Words by Lewis Phillips

Image courtesy of Yamaha Racing

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