Wild Rumour: Davi Millsaps

In recent weeks, Davi Millsaps seems to have fallen off of the face of the earth. During the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series, Davi received a lot of attention from both the fans, and the media. However, after he was sidelined for the duration of the summer with a knee injury, everyone seems to have forgotten about the Rockstar Energy Racing pilot.

Of course, the transformation Millsaps made in the last off-season was spectacular – he was a much-improved rider. Why? Well, a lot of people (including Davi himself) would credit his success to the fact that he was aboard a Suzuki, with the Rockstar Energy Racing crew. It was an environment that he could thrive in, and (most importantly) the bike was one that suited him perfectly. So, you can imagine his disdain when he was informed that the squad would be switching to a different manufacturer, and he would effectively have to start again on a new machine.

When the Rockstar Energy Racing crew were trying to decide which manufacturer to go with for the 2014 season, they involved Davi in the decision making process. Simply, they had two options: KTM or Yamaha. Ultimately, Millsaps chose which manufacturer they went with. Obviously, he selected KTM, so he must have liked the bike a little bit. Of course, the team receives factory support also, which will ensure that their bikes are competitive.

However, rumours began to surface a few weeks ago that Davi isn’t happy with the KTM. It has been kept quiet, but Millsaps broke a bone in his foot when he first began testing on his new steed. Although he is now back to full fitness, it seems as though he is not thrilled with the KTM, still, hence why reports suggest that Davi has been in contact with some other teams, including TwoTwo Motorsports.

It looks like Chad Reed, and TwoTwo Motorsports, will be on Kawasaki’s in 2014. So, even if Millsaps were to jump ship, he would not be on his beloved Suzuki – there is no guarantee that he would gel with the Kawasaki. It seems as though Chad’s team is the only option for Davi, other than Rockstar Energy Racing, of course. Chad has always said that he would only sign another rider if they were a title contender, so Davi is the perfect guy for him. But personally, I would like to see Millsaps on the RCH Suzuki team, as it would be a great deal for both parties. However, reliable sources suggest that Josh Hill will re-sign with RCH in the coming weeks, and that there is no room for Davi beneath their tent, which is unfortunate.

It is certainly a strange scenario, as Davi Millsaps has presumably already signed a contract with Rockstar Energy Racing for next year. So, if he were to make a late switch to another squad, he would have to find a way to get out of his deal. However, we all know that contracts mean very little in this sport – we have seen riders (and teams) get out of deals mid-season time and time again. So, if he is that unhappy with the KTM, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Davi find his way onto another team.

In my opinion, I think that Davi will stick with the Rockstar Energy Racing team. When you factor in his foot injury, he hasn’t really had much time at all to get accustomed to the KTM. Of course, the fact that the KTM has a steel frame means that it is quite different to the Suzuki. But, the KTM is one of (if not) the best bikes out there at the moment, so there is no questioning the fact that Davi can run upfront on the Austrian machine. However, whether he will be on that KTM when the gates drop at Anaheim remains to be seen.

Words by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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