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Update: The MXGB Calendar

The eighth and final round of the Maxxis British Championship will take place at Foxhill on September 23, it has finally been confirmed. The event will be run by the Langrish club, who ran the Ken Hall Trophy for a number of years, so is bound to be pushed forward.

Foxhill is a fantastic venue and I can’t think of a more fitting track to conclude the championship,” Stuart Drummond said in a press release. “Last year’s final round was fantastic in terms of both quality of racing and crowd numbers, so it makes perfect sense to sign off our season there. Finalising the calendar is a massive task, which explains why it has taken until now to announce Foxhill as the venue for the final round, but I’m confident we have got a great mix of tracks this season and I cannot wait for it all to kick off on March 11 at Lyng.

The full calendar, which is obviously complete now, can be viewed below. Riders lists are expected to be released next week, as the MX1 and MX2 classes are now oversubscribed.

March 11


April 1


April 22

Canada Heights

May 6


June 24


July 29


August 26

Hawkstone Park

September 23


Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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