Twisted 7 Team Green weekend wrap up

Start as you mean to go on…

In other words, if you get a good start you’re more likely to win a moto and right now we’re just not getting out of that gate quick enough. All three of the official Twisted 7 Team Green Kawasaki riders are riding well and putting in 100% effort but the starts are killing us.

We’re certainly not going to start blaming our bikes that’s for sure. With the help of Mitch Payton at Pro Circuit and the Harrison’s at CGH Imports – Mitch’s UK importers – we have  bikes that are more than capable of winning as we’ve already proved over the past year. So the only thing for it is practice, practice and more practice.

Okay, now I have that off my chest, lets give you a run down on the third round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals and Elite Youth Cup. With the country being wrapped in big black clouds  and flooding it was a pleasant surprise to turn up to a clear blue skies and a Canada Heights circuit in prime condition. Everyone done well in qualifying. None of the lads set the quickest time but they were all consistently fast which is always encouraging.

Canada Heights is Rookie class rider Shaun Springer’s home track and he was feeling confident. 8th in the opening moto is not where he wanted to be, even though he rode strong. Shaun needs to work on being more aggressive in the opening few laps, if he didn’t know it before, he does now! His second moto was much better in the opening laps and he was more aggressive but again he had to be after a mediocre start, this time he got up to 6th. In his final moto on Saturday he finally got a good start and was pushing on with the early leaders but then bad luck struck and he broke a cam chain, which is certainly a first for us and most unusual. Maybe he was being too aggressive?! Joking aside, it’s motorsport and every so often these things happen. Shaun currently lies in 10th position in the championship.

Todd Kellett came into round #3 just 8 points off the series lead in the Big Wheeled class and unfortunately left 80 points behind series leader Josh Gilbert. In typical Todd Kellett fashion he charged his was through the pack after another bad start (practice, practice, practice!!) to get up to 6th by the end of the moto. It was another solid workman like performance from Todd and he was fired up for the second moto but it seems Lady Luck got together with mechanical gremlins  on our expense this weekend and Toddy only managed half a lap before the bike died. His third moto was almost a mirror image of the first. Another poor start and a charge through the pack, this time up to 8th.

In the Small Wheeled class Harry Kimber continued his tough education. After being a title contender last year in the 65cc class ‘Little H’ is coming on nicely on his KX85 and he’d be running near the front but for one thing we can’t control – his size! Harry still needs a growth spurt and we wish he’d hurry up with it! It’s most noticeable on the starts where he really struggles to touch the floor with one foot, let alone two. Once on the track he’s showing great technique but just can’t muscle it around like most of his rivals. It’ll come though and when it does he’ll be right back to running at the sharp end and winning races. He finished 13th overall on the day and lies 12th in the series.

Twisted 7 Kawasaki supported rider Preston Williams did great just to compete in three motos after going down hard in moto one after landing on a fallen rider over a blind jump. To his credit he wanted to carry on racing for the rest of the day even though he was pretty battered and bruised. For the next two motos he toughed it out in obvious discomfort to pick up an extra 6 points. Hardly results that set the world on fire but that doesn’t matter on this occasion, it was Preston’s attitude that we were all really impressed with. That kind of determination will stand him in good stead going forward.

That’s was Saturday at the Red Bull Pro Nationals and we were all looking forward to Sunday where the kids had two more motos and our pro racers – Alex Eriksson and Lewis Trickett – were ready to let rip. Unfortunately that didn’t happen as the snotty weather caught up with us and the Red Bull Pro Nationals team made the correct decision and pulled the plug on the event.

Next up is the rescheduled British Youth Nationals round at Pontrilas this coming weekend for Todd and Harry followed by round four of the Red Bull Pro Nationals in Duns, Scotland the following weekend. Then from there it’s just non-stop racing it seems to the end of the season, so we’re focused on that. Let the good times roll.

Jeff Perrett – Twisted 7 Team Green Kawasaki Team Manager

MX Vice Editor || 25

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