Thieves strike BTO Sports KTM

Unfortunately last night the BTO Sports KTM team transporter was broken into and over half of the team’s inventory was stolen. The burglary took place in the Murrieta, CA area and the team is asking for the entire industry to come together via the internet, social media and any avenues they may have to catch the thieves.

The thieves made away with approximately $200,000 in team inventory, ranging from factory parts for the team’s race equipment, down to team staff radio headsets and rider’s personal items. A number of these items stolen are extremely identifiable and are one-off race team items. Provided below is a list of the key items for every industry folk to be on the look out for if possible:

– Factory KTM race parts – not available for purchase and standout items.
– Team wheelsets (black Excel A60 rims, Orange/Carbon Fibre wrapped Talon hubs).
– Team BTO graphics kits, specifically shroud kits (these are 2016 versions that carry the logos for BTO, KTM, FMF, RTech and FX. They are the only printed version of this in existence).
– FMF TI exhaust, with Carbon Fiber canister tips and orange KTM graphic.
– Talon rear sprockets, Orange team color.
– RH 2 Way radio headsets (8 full radios & headsets, color carbon fibre, brand new from A1).
– ODI oversized bars and white half waffle grips.

There were many more parts and items stolen, however the above represent key items for all of our industry friends to be on the look out for. Items such as the shroud graphics, are the Factory Effex brand and were one-off digital prints for Anaheim 1 and can be easily identified.

Cash Reward $2500: There is a $2500 cash reward being offered for any key information leading to the return of the stolen team equipment.

Please help us come together as an industry and catch these thieves. If anyone has any information on the stolen items, or have any tips – please contact either the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department at 951-696-3000 or team BTO Sports directly at [email protected]

Words: Press Release | Image: Sean Ogden

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