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18 August (00:24)

Max Anstie schreibt auf Instagram:

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Alright so I’m in hospital wondering how in the world I’ve ended up in here! So apparently I have pneumothorax which as far as I can understand here is gas around the outside of my lung. The doc said I have a small hole in my lung. I didn’t even crash today! They are saying from my crash in the first moto at Lommel on the start that my lung was damaged. I didn’t bother getting checked after the race because I won the second moto and thought I would just get better in a week or so! I have been complaining about my shoulder for the last couple of weeks because it feels like my shoulder blade is just stiff and when I breath in it’s just tight. Well today I felt good on track, after timed training I thought my shoulder was hurting more so I took some paracetamol and got on with it in the moto. But straight away I was struggling to breath very well, but I just thought I must have muscle cramp under my shoulder blade. Anyway I came in from the race and could barely breath so the docs did some scans and told me I have to go to the hospital and stay in here over night and see if tomorrow they need to drain my lung ???? I have never experienced this before! I thought they would just give me some pain killers and I would be good to go. So annoying at this time when I’m riding for a job too. I felt good out on track and was ready to go hard in the motos. Not much I can do right now except listen to this beeping all night from the machines in the hospital. I’ll keep you updated but I’m definitely not riding tomorrow. I don’t even feel bad just breathings a bit hard but man this is annoying ?

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