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Hello everyone out there in MX cyberspace. I hope Christmas was everything you hoped it to be and you saw in 2012 in style (whatever your style may be!) Apologies for my radio silence as it were and also apologies for not hitting you all up with more news and features than we could’ve/should’ve. There’s a reason for it (and it is a reason, not an excuse – but hey, you can read into that how you will). Let’s just say there’s more than meets the eye with MX Vice at the moment. We’re a new website and we want to build a solid foundation for this thing to grow and grow organically, so right now we’re doing that and it takes a lot of time and effort.

Look at it like a bee hive. From the outside it’s all calm and still but inside it’s all a bit frantic. Punch a hole in the hive and apart from being stung I’m sure you’d put your fist into a well drilled and organised workplace – even if it looks like chaos, it’s not, it’s organised. That’s what we’re doing right now. From where you’re sat, it doesn’t look like there’s a lot going on, but from where we are it’s moving a thousand miles an hour! We’re organising, planning, having meeting after meeting so when we really are ready to start posting up all the news and latest scoops, not only can we sustain it and deliver the content you want and deserve but also grow and improve. So right now we’re putting together a team of people that we believe can take MX Vice forward, a group of people you can trust. Why? Because they too give a genuine s**t about the sport that rules our lives. We’re all extremely passionate about motocross at MX Vice (hence the name!) and we want to support and make the sport better, that’s why we’re trying to do this right and build something with longevity – we don’t want to be a house of cards that you put your faith in. You get the idea, I won’t bang on too much anymore on this subject. All I’ll say is if you want to get involved with contributing to MX Vice in some way, shape or form and help us create a site that you can believe in just get in touch with me at [email protected]

Now onto a little bit of news that not many know (I think?!) I hear through my good friend Anthony Revell (no, not the MX rider) that PAR Honda signing Kristian Whatley has just picked support from Of course Revs would know that’s true and not a rumour because he’s the boss of Stolen BMX! So there you go a little news scoop for you. I have no idea what KW’s skills are like on a BMX but if they’re anything as silky as his skills on a MX bike he should be a hit with the lads at the local trails and skatepark, although knowing Kristian he’ll be more interested in being a hit with their girlfriends!

Like everyone I enjoyed seeing what went down at A1 for the first AMA Supercross. I was happy to see RV take the victory, mainly because once again I proved to my nephew that I know what I’m talking about. The little toe-rag owes me over £400 for bets he’s made with me about motocross results – like I’m ever going to see that dough! He always bets on James Stewart by the way, but let’s not go into that, there’s a full feature in its own right. What I really like about the first Supercross is the cool new kit that all the riders turn out in. I was particularly impressed with Two-Two Motorsports’ set up. I’ve always been a Reedy fan (I know many are not) and now he’s running his own team I respect him even more because I know how hard that can be. His team looks really stylish, but then I kind of didn’t expect anything different as he’s so stupidly stylish on a bike. That Shift kit he’s running is proper rad and the bike looks ace (both ‘rad and ‘ace’ are old skool expression, so for those of you younger than 30 I apologise)

That highlights the point I’m on about though. AMA SX is where it’s at for the look and there’s no getting away from it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the World championship and I’ll always be a purist and outdoor motocross will always be the beating heart of the sport as far as I’m concerned but frankly you’d be a bit of a donut if you didn’t see the good in AMA Supercross. Clearly it’s what drives the industry in the USA and as the USA is the market leader in off road bike sales it sits there as the championship that every manufacture wants more than any other. The effort that KTM are putting into it I think more than justifies that fact. Shame theirs and Ken Roczen’s plans went astray with his broken arm just before the get-go.

Talking of Supercross, I had close to a two hour phone conversation with John Hellam the other day. He called from Vancouver while I was driving and I had to pull in the lay-by next to a school, I’m surprised I wasn’t collared by the local fuzz for loitering with intent and Christ knows what my phone bill will be when I get it?! Anyway, it was a really interesting conversation and one you’ll be able to have in insight into soon as I’m going to write an article on all we discussed. With all that’s gone down with British Supercross over the past few years and certainly recently you may well start to see it in a different light. I’m not going to get too involved with the politics of the whole thing with Future West, the ACU and the MCF, because trust me, it’s a minefield. What we’ll do as website and upcoming online magazine is present both sides of the story with honesty and integrity, for this topic or any others that will inevitably follow.

On that note, I’ll be honest enough to say I’ll leave it at that for now as I have to crack on. I have another meeting coming up which I hope will be a very positive one for MX Vice and therefore all of you reading this. We really are making inroads behind the scenes and all of our exciting plans will be revealed when they are all locked down and certainly not before, because false promises suck and we’ve all had them haven’t we?!

So until next time, keep logging on and hopefully you see a more steady flow of news and pictures as we grow from crawling to walking and then running with a team of people that live, breathe and eat the sport of motocross.

Here’s to what I hope is a fantastic year for British motocross. I believe, I hope you do too.

Stay safe

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