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Tested: One Industries and Spy

Each year, everyone likes to shop around for a set of the newest gear. Although some will deny it, just look around at your local practice track and you will see that the sentiment is true. Fortunately, One Industries hooked us up with a set of their new Gamma gear and a Gamma Camber helmet. We also received some Spy Klutch goggles, so we were certainly looking good on this visit to the track! What did we make of the products? Well, here is our full review.

One Industries Gamma Block Gear:

Honestly, I have always considered One Industries one of the most stylish brands out there, and I am certain that I am not alone. In fact, I have purchased sets their of gear in the past, for this reason. The design of a product is the first thing that everyone is drawn to, after all. It was this part of the kit that I analysed first, too. I personally prefer bold, solid colours, and the Gamma Block gear delivered in this area. However, there are also other sets of Gamma gear that have a busier design, so there is something for everyone, which is never a bad thing!

In the information about the product, One Industries have outlined that this gear is lighter. When I first picked up a set, I noticed this immediately, surprisingly. I immediately grabbed some other gear that I had lying around, so that I could compare, and it was still noticeably lighter! I was really impressed with this aspect. There are obviously a couple of benefits that come with this too – I was more comfortable when riding, which is advantageous.

There are a few different vents on the gear, also (more than you would typically find), which adds to the comfort, especially when riding on a hot day. It’s additions like this that can go a long way, and make a big difference. There was also plenty of room for me to wear my body armour under the shirt, and also fit knee braces (or pads) in the pants. I felt like there was more room around the knee, which was appreciated. I’ve found that with some other gear my legs have been quite restricted, but this was not the case with the Gamma gear, fortunately.

Speaking of the knees, there is a noticeable amount of padding in that area. I compared this to an older set of gear (from a different brand), and the difference is unbelievable. You tend to use your knees a lot in our sport, and the extra padding will ensure that this gear is going to last a little longer, and be able to cope with the wear and tear.

Since I first started riding, I have always struggled with my gloves. It is something that has always irritated me, as they will come undone, or feel loose. However, the One Industries gloves are some of the best that I have come across. They fit perfectly, and they are light, like the rest of the gear. I have tried to think of a negative point, but I honestly can’t. Overall, the Gamma gear is certainly worth every penny.

One Industries Gamma Camber Helmet:

I did some research on the Gamma Camber helmet, and I found out that MIPS technology is incorporated in it. At first, I didn’t know what this meant, but some more research revealed that it ensures that a helmet provides much better protection than any other product on the market, so there is no reason to doubt the quality of the product. The points that I made in regard to the design of the gear apply here, also. If I was to point out a minor thing that I would like to change, it is that I want to make the peak slightly higher.

The size seemed to be a little smaller than the other helmets that I have had, which is not a huge problem. But, you may want to consider this, when you make your order. Overall, the helmet fits well, and sits nicely with a neck brace, so comfort really is not an issue. It seems that One Industries put a lot of thought into ventilation when designing their products; this is another key feature of the Gamma Camber helmet. There is “increased cooling from flow-through ventilation”, which is obviously crucial when dealing with sweat, and also safety.

Spy Klutch Goggle:

The first thing that caught my eye about the Spy Klutch goggle is the service provided to the customer. When I cracked the box open, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nose guard and an extra lens in there. You don’t get those extras with most other brands – it was a nice touch. The two lenses are anti-fog and scratch resistant too, so the product is certainly top of the line.

The goggles fit comfortably around the One Industries helmet, and do not feel too strained. They also don’t put too much pressure on your face, as the foam is relatively light. This (and the two vents that are placed on the bottom of the frame) helps to combat sweat, and keep the lens clear. Spy has also put a silicone-ribbed strap in place, which ensures that it doesn’t slip at any point. I found that this worked perfectly; they did not move at all. Overall, the Spy Klutch goggle certainly does everything that it needs to, and ticks every box.

So, there you have it, all of the above products were as good as (if not better than) expected, so when you come to look into buying some new stuff, you should certainly consider them.

Words: Lewis Phillips

Image: Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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