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Sun Shines at Wymeswold

Report: Jemma Lavender
Photos: Jemma Mx Photos

Coventry Junior Motocross Club held their first 2day meeting this year at Turn-post Farm, Wymeswold.
Weather was dry and the sun was shining. The track was a little hard work in practice but as it bedded in and rutted up it provided a great surface for racing.

First to hit the track were the seniors Gareth Artus showed his intent battling well with Kurtis Williams and Fraser Gardiner who both rode superb. Gareth managed to get himself two firsts and a 2nd also grabbing the holeshot in race 2.

Next off the line were the AMX and the open together, Ricky Letherby was top dog in the open class ahead of Brad Doyle riding the Full Flight Kestrel Honda who rode extremely well throughout all three races. Mitchell Bates rolled in the third on the day.

in the AMX Dan Thornhill took the first two race wins with Damon Strydom grabbing the last flag. Scott Aldridge rode extremely well getting two thirds but unfortunately had a DNF with Jake Lord taking third in the second race.

Big Wheel Mitch Warhurst yet again had three great races with grabbing himself 1-2-1 ahead of Ryan Deacon who got 2-1-2 also he had a great start getting the holeshot prize with Ben Coleman lying in third.

in the Small Wheel 85s Matt Brame was the quickest out of the gate all three races dominating with three superb wins followed closely by Kyde Marlow in second and Daniel V.D Hoeven taking third.

Dane Reeves was on a mission and took all three race wins also got the holeshot in race 2. Harrison Arnold was battling for second place with Aaron Patstone closely behind who rode consistant throughout the day.

the autos only managed two races on the saturday due to the weather, the top 3 autos were Myles Taylor who took a first and a second ahead of Tyler Etheridge who grabbed the second race win and he battled it out with Harrison Boam in third.

Day two at Wymeswold the riders woke up to a very muddy paddock but the track was still in superb condition.
the autos went out first to do their third race Myles Taylor lead the autos ahead of Tyler Etheridge in second and Harrison Boam in third,.

Damon Strydom started the day with  race win with Dan Thornhill in second, Damon and Dan battled their way through all three races for first place but Dan managed to get the last two finnish flags with Brody Knibbs in third.

Josh Spinks was on top form in his first race back in the open class after his injury, he got two 1st and a second he also grabbed the holeshot prize in race two. Matt Porter rode consistant in all three races battling with Ricky Letherby who ended the weekend with 1st overall as he rode both days, Brad Doyle in second and Paul Longford third.
Day 2 for the seniors Gareth Artus was the top rider winning first two races and second place in the last race of the weekend. Luke Wade took the last spot on the podium.
in the big wheels Oli Benton, Mitch Warhurst and Joe Tobutt battled it out for the top three spots and it was a great race to watch. Mitch Claimed 1st place, Layne Cupitt in 2nd and Josh Oates in third.

Matt Brame was top spot on the sunday in the small wheels! Kyde Marlow grabbed himself 2nd overall with Daniel V.D Hoeven taking third.
Dane Reeves Yet Again rode fantastic on his way to a maximum also grabbing the holeshot for the second day with Harrison Arnold following closely in 2nd and Aaron Patstone battling his way through to 3rd overall.

Ashton Humphries Dominated with three out of three race wins but because he didnt ride the saturday he didnt get 1st overall on the weekend, Tyler Etheridge bagged himself the overall with his outstanding riding all weekend, second place Harrison Boam followed closely by third overall Riley Harrison.

Chairmans Awards went to Gareth Artus in the seniors who took his first 1st overall on the weekend and his outstanding riding! Well Done.
the other chairmans award went to Dane Reeves who took all 6 race wins of the weekend!

CJMX are holding a Memorial Race Meeting on the 19th 20th May at the very popular Stratford National Track.
The meeting is in memory of Dave George who sadly passed away to cancer last year.
All proceed are going to Cancer Research and Myton Hospice.
No Marshalling
No Day licence Charge
Book in with Judi on 07521 073810
Let’s make this big, in memory of Dave George and for everyone else who has been affected by cancer.
Race Groups will be Auto to Open Class with an extra race group per day (1 Race) which will be Dave’s Mates Race. This race group has already seen interest expressed from members of Dave’s Family, the Club’s Present Chairman and lots of others.
There will be a marquee and disco Saturday Evening.
Free camping is available from 5pm Friday.

Autos: 1 Tyler Etheridge, 2 Harrison Boam, 3 Riley Harrison, 4 Tristan Rowicki, 5 Kayde Rayns, 6 Tom Greenwood.

Juniors: 1 Dane Reeves, 2 Harrison Arnold, 3 Aaron Patstone, 4 Jacob Bell, 5 Ben White, 6 Dan Fisher.

Small Wheel 85s: 1 Matt Brame, 2 Kyde Marlow, 3 Daniel V.D hoeven, 4 Lewis Huckerby, 5 Josh Brotherton, 6 Dillon Fitzpatrick.

Big Wheel 85s: 1 Mitch Warhurst, 2 Layne Cupitt, 3 Josh Oates, 4 John James Fearn, 5 Luke Fisher, 6 Jordan Rowe.

Seniors: 1 Gareth Artus, 2 Fraser Gardiner, 3 Kurtis Williams, 4 Robbie Hollis, 5 John Measham, 6 Jac Kearsley.

AMX: 1 Dan Thornhill, 2 Damon Strydom, 3 Jake Lord, 4 Brody Knibbs, 5 Scott Hambridge, 6 Scott Aldridge.

Open: 1 Ricky Letherby, 2 Brad Doyle, 3 Paul Longford, 4 Tomrolli Hambridge, 5 Sarah Collins, 6 Shaun Cole.

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