Stuart Edmonds Back On TM!

Dublin rider Stuart Edmonds will compete in the British Motocross Championship and Red Bull

Pro National series in the MX1 class on board a TM450FI for 2013.

Edmonds last rode the Italian machinery in 2011 under the Electraction TM banner and will
return to TM riding under the team CCR TM ( Corcoran Chemicals Racing) badge for 2013.

Team owner Andrew Byrne :
“For many years motocross has been a passion of mine and Corcoran Chemicals have
been supporting Stuart Edmonds quietly from behind the scenes.
2013 is the year we have decided to go fully behind Stuart and support and promote
him with our new project CCRacing.
We are fully committed to this and see it as a long term project with exciting possibilities in the future”.

Stuart Edmonds:
“It’s brilliant to finally get a deal sorted with my long term sponsor Andrew from Corcoran Chemicals. It’s
time now to get the head down with testing the bikes. We are a bit behind as we started late due to my
original deal falling through but we won’t be long catching up as I felt at one with the bike straight away
and, just like old times, my speed is not far off. I am lucky to be with a brilliant group of people who are
all behind me and we are all willing to work hard to get to where we need to be. I am looking forward to
show people what me and the bike are capable of doing. I would like to thank all the people that helped
put the team together. Andrew Byrne (Corcoran chemicals), Nick Craigie (Electraction Ltd), Gavin Craigie

(CCMRACING.COM), Mike Woodsworth (TMUK), Phillip Mclaughlin (TAS Advanced suspension),
Acerbis, Risk Racing Europe, MCUI, Jimmy Jones, (Jones Plant Hire), RNR Goggles, Kennith Spillane
(Macho martial arts and fitness), Apico UK, kleenrite”

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