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Statement: Jake Nicholls

Jake Nicholls has been dominant in Great Britain this season, as he has controlled the respective domestic series since April. The Michelin MX Nationals title was already secured a month ago, so that is in the bag, and he holds a thirty-nine-point lead in the Maxxis British Championship heading into the final round. Everything looked good, until he sustained a season-ending injury at a local race on Sunday.

Struggling to know what to write,” Nicholls wrote on social media. “Fourth lap of practice Sunday I came into the last turn and had no rear brake, because of a stone getting jammed under pedal. I was still easily going to make it round but the front-end tucked and I jabbed my leg down hard. I didn’t crash and thought I’d be fine after a breather, but turns out I broke my tib ‘n’ fib which required surgery. At the minute I’m a bit lost mentally, but I appreciate the messages!”

Jake Nicholls has a thirty-nine-point lead in the Maxxis British Championship, so claiming the title is not out of the question. Evgeny Bobryshev, his closest challenger, must acquire a brace of thirds or a first and a fourth in the two motos at Lyng next weekend.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: MPS Images

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