S. M. Ellis Update!

S. M. Ellis KTM rider Ian Findlay has picked up an injury while training at Tain in the North of Scotland.

Ian had his leg ripped of the peg when he brushed up against a banking and knew instantly there was a problem. After 5 xrays we still do not know if he has a broken leg due to the swelling. Come Tuesday when he has to go back to the hospital we should have some more answers. There is still a possibility he may need ACL reconstruction which will put him out for 6-8 months and miss the majority if not all of the 2013 season.

What team manager Sean Ellis has to say:

This is a massive blow for the team 2 weeks before the start of out 2013 campaign. We’ve just got to sit tight and play the waiting game at the minute and hope that it is just some very bad swelling with no broken bones/ligament damage. We wish Ian a very speedy recovery and a good start to his season.

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