Results Round-Up: #34

There was no real noteworthy professional racing going on in Europe this past weekend, so our ‘Results Round-Up’ is a little lighter than usual this week. However, we do have results from the penultimate round of the Lucas Oil Pro series and results from the final Rockstar Energy Motocross Nationals round.

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, Round Eleven: Indiana

450MX Overall Classification:

1st Ken Roczen (1-2)
2nd Trey Canard (3-1)
3rd Ryan Dungey (2-9)
4th Ryan Sipes (10-3)
5th Andrew Short (8-4)
6th Chad Reed (7-6)
7th Eli Tomac (4-10)
8th Josh Grant (12-5)
9th Fredrik Noren (9-8)
10th Matt Goerke (6-11)

450MX Series Standings:

1st Ken Roczen (494 points)
2nd Ryan Dungey (474 points)
3rd Trey Canard (418 points)
4th Brett Metcalfe (304 points)
5th Eli Tomac (281 points)
6th Andrew Short (278 points)
7th Weston Peick (268 points)
8th Josh Grant (243 points)
9th James Stewart (226 points)
10th Chad Reed (185 points)

250MX Overall Classification:

1st Marvin Musquin (3-1)
2nd Joey Savatgy (4-3)
3rd Jessy Nelson (1-8)
4th Christophe Pourcel (9-2)
5th Cooper Webb (6-5)
6th Dean Wilson (8-6)
7th Alex Martin (7-7)
8th Jeremy Martin (2-15)
9th Jason Anderson (5-10)
10th Blake Baggett (14-4)

250MX Series Standings:

1st Jeremy Martin (450 points)
2nd Blake Baggett (381 points)
3rd Cooper Webb (379 points)
4th Marvin Musquin (374 points)
5th Christophe Pourcel (355 points)
6th Justin Bogle (331 points)
7th Jason Anderson (270 points)
8th Cole Seely (244 points)
9th Jessy Nelson (238 points)
10th Dean Wilson (204 points)

Rockstar Energy Motocross Nationals, Round Ten: Walton

MX1 Overall Classification:

1st Mike Alessi (1-2)
2nd Colton Facciotti (4-1)
3rd Bobby Kiniry (2-3)
4th Tyler Medaglia (3-6)
5th Teddy Maier (6-4)
6th Kyle Chisholm (5-5)
7th Ryan Millar (9-8)
8th Nathan Bles (8-10)
9th Zeb Dennis (12-11)
10th Kyle Keast (10-14)

MX1 Series Standings:

1st Colton Facciotti (424 points)
2nd Mike Alessi (384 points)
3rd Tyler Medaglia (338 points)
4th Kyle Chisholm (313 points)
5th Teddy Maier (310 points)
6th Josh Hill (299 points)
7th Bobby Kiniry (276 points)
8th Dylan Kaelin (182 points)
9th Morgan Burger (168 points)
10th Nathan Bles (141 points)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Vince Friese (1-2)
2nd Kaven Benoit (3-1)
3rd Marshal Weltin (2-5)
4th Josh Cartwright (4-4)
5th Jesse Wentland (6-3)
6th Cody Williams (5-11)
7th Shawn Maffenbeier (7-10)
8th Bobby Piazza (12-6)
9th Seth Rarick (10-8)
10th Jesse Pettis (9-9)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Kaven Benoit (400 points)
2nd Vince Friese (360 points)
3rd Shawn Maffenbeier (336 points)
4th Jesse Wentland (324 points)
5th Seth Rarick (219 points)
6th Topher Ingalls (219 points)
7th Sylvain Le Gad (171 points)
8th Austin Politelli (164 points)
9th Dylan Wright (159 points)
10th Jeremy Medaglia (153 points)

Image: KTM Images/Simon Cudby

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