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Results Hub: Culham

If you are in a hurry, the last thing you want to do is dissect a lengthy piece to establish who finished where. You just want to peruse the raw results, right? We have established a way to help with that! Our Results Hub will feature all of the practice times and race results throughout the day, so just check it regularly whilst you are on the move! The latest results are now at the top of this page.

MXY2 Overall Classification

MXY2 Moto Two (15:55)

MX1 Overall Classification

MX1 Moto Two (15:05)

MX2 Overall Classification

MX2 Moto Two (14:15)

MXY2 Moto One (13:35)

MX1 Moto One (12:45)

MX2 Moto One (11:55)

MXY2 Qualifying (10:20)

MX1 Qualifying (09:40)

MX2 Qualifying (09:00)

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