Report: REVO Husqvarna

Mel Pocock raced to a strong second overall in the MX2 class at round two of the Michelin MX Nationals series held at Cadders Hill, Lyng, on Sunday. Despite banging bars with 450cc machines in the two mixed- capacity pro races, Mel was in complete control on the REVO Husqvarna UK FC250 and his 2-2 card saw his extend his championship lead to 10 points.

With Jamie Carpenter out for the season after sustaining a knee injury, Mel was joined under the awning by new teammate Jordan Divall. The 23-year-old from Brighton, who was making his debut for the team, put in two solid rides and, although his 15-11 finishes for thirteenth overall didn’t demonstrate his full potential, it was a still a positive start on a challenging circuit against a quality field.

Mark Yates (Team Principal): “Mel had a good, solid day and I’m really pleased for him. He’s striving for perfection. I think he needs to relax a bit more and realise just how well he’s doing, considering the time he’s had back on a bike. He’s riding exceptionally well and doesn’t need to put so much pressure on himself – we all know he’s giving 100% and that’s all that matters.

“He didn’t have a great start in the opener, but fought through and got right on the back of Brad Todd. I think they had a coming together going over the line – they finished with 0.18 of a second between them. It was that close. He was leading the second race, but made a mistake which dropped him to second. He thought he had it in his grasp to grab the win, but a slower 450 rider got in his way and the chance was gone.

“I’m pleased with Jordan. We know we’ve got some work to do with his bike, suspension wise, and we’re going to get another bike built for him this week. Overall he was a little bit nervous with it being his team debut, but I told him there was no pressure and he went a little bit better in the second moto. I’m feeling very positive.”

Mel Pocock: “I’ve still got the red plate and a 10-point lead, which I’m real happy about. To be honest my day was just plagued by 450s holding me up and getting in between the racing and, in my eyes, costing me a win. But racing’s racing. I’m happy with two seconds and to be fit and healthy for next weekend at Hawkstone Park. Overall it’s a good result.

“It’s great to be back as a two-rider team with Jordan Divall coming on board and thanks to Sam and Mark Yates for the effort they’re putting in. Also Freedy and Ady, who turned up to give a helping hand. Team effort!”

Jordan Divall: “It’s not been the best day for me. A really tough day in fact and I know I should be higher than that. The bike’s not set up for me so well, so I’m going to go home and ride a lot more because I feel I just need some more time. Hopefully after a good week we’ll be ready for Hawkstone Park. The team has been great – very understanding – and they’ve helped motivate me, so a big thank you to Sam and Mark Yates. I’m happy to be with them, I’m just not so happy with my riding at the moment.”

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Nuno Laranjeira

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