Red Bull Pro Nationals – Q&A With Nez Parker

One of the most approachable, friendly riders on the scene, Nathan Parker’s happy-go-lucky exterior belies a fierce work ethic and determination to succeed – qualities that stood him in good stead in 2012 when an injury forced him to sit out the majority of the season.

After signing to the Revo Talon Kawasaki team, the 23-year-old from Leyland in Lancashire is aiming to re-establish himself as a major force in UK MX…

RBPN: First off Nez, how are you feeling mate – fit and well we hope?
NP: “Yeah, feeling relatively fit – still a way to go yet but pretty happy!”

RBPN: You’ve gone green for 2013 – what are your initial impressions of your new bike and team?
NP: “I’m enjoying riding the bike this year and feel like I’ve gelled with it well! The team is good, it’s still early so we have had a few little issues but every new team has had those in the first year. Everything is coming together.”

RBPN: We didn’t see an awful lot of you last year – are you looking forward to a full season with us?
NP: “Last year I was doing the GPs and got injured so didn’t manage to do many Red Bull Pro Nationals. I kinda missed them to be fair as there is a good atmosphere in the paddock and always a good show put on.”

RBPN: What are your aspirations for the 2013 Red Bull Pro Nationals? You were fourth in 2011 but every year we get more quality in depth so matching that ain’t going to be easy…
NP: “Yeah, well every year more riders want to the Red Bull Pro Nationals but I hope to finish top five at the end of the year but mainly I’m aiming just to ride strong all year and finish out the season!”

RBPN: Which of our tracks are you most looking forward to racing and why?
NP: “I’m really interested to see what happens at Weston – hopefully the track will be mega. But my favourite track on your calendar has got to be Whitby.”

RBPN: Who do you think will be your main rivals?
NP: “There will be a lot of riders in the top 10 who will be competitive – I don’t really have a rider to aim for but I would like to have some good battles.”

RBPN: How much do you enjoy racing the 250Fs?
NP: “On certain tracks it’s good as the 450s get away but on the more tight and twisty tracks the 250s’ corner speed is so much better! But it’s all good fun.”

Pic by Elliot Spencer

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