Priit Ratsep to Oakleaf Kawasaki

Priit Ratsep to Partner Shane Carless 

 The Oakleaf Kawasaki Mx1 Official Uk team are pleased to announce the signing of Estonian Priit Ratsep to the squad for the 2014 season ,  Priit has been riding GP’s since he was 17 and has been riding in the mx2 class and to record has had some excellent results including a 8th at the 2013 GP at  Valkenswaard, his 2013 season was dampened when he was injured in the Latvian GP , but he is back fit and raring to go and battle it out in the 2014 MX1 class here in the UK  and is very confident in producing good results after testing the KXF450 this weekend which  he adapted well to and was super impressed with. He will partner Shane Carless and both riders will be shore to be at the front with what looks like a very challenging class.

Shaun Anthony ,” im really pleased with the signing of Priit , after meeting up with him at this weekend’s Dirt Bike show and watching him test the bike he is a very fast rider and is another rider that can produce the goods for what the team and Kawasaki are looking to achieve , i do like to take a risk with riders and not be one that settles for what we already know , Shane last year was a massive impact in the mx1 class and surprised a few to say the least but i feel i have now got 2 very talented riders to get us at the front which is where we as a team strive to be”

Ross Burridge “The team have not rushed in to signing the first rider that approached them, and instead have worked out the best possible outcome for success next year. With Shane and Priit on board, I think thats a great combination and will be ready to do battle from the off, in which will be a very challenging class in 2014″

Priit Ratsep ” This weekend i had an opportunity for a test ride with Oakleaf Kawasaki’s 450 and in result of that we made a good agreement what pleased both sides. I was really happy with the bike and with the team itself and looking forward to start preparing for new season. Im feeling confident that we can make a good result in 2014 in British Championships and Red Bull Pro Nationals!”

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